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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Last week I posted about my new mare Slillouette. Well yesterday she was vet checked in foal to Double L's Painted Playboy, 30" son of Schuberts Bullets Painted Splendor. Playboy is a beautiful Bay and white pinto. Both of Sillys parents were amha horses and she just happened to sprout so this may be a little foal! This will make 5 for us for next year.[/SIZE]

My favorite pic of Silly taken by Lacy Johnson.


Visit our web site to see the other mares that will be having babies in 2006 and get on the reservation list. I will be keeping only one!


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She is pretty. Alas, my husband has said no more to new or babies since we are now up to 28. He said cut back and I guess I thought he said increase because I added 4 more horses. I guess I went the wrong way.
She is beautifull
! Can't wait to see that baby!!

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