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Jan 9, 2005
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NE Montana
Just thought I'd share Misty's day with you. Yesterday, I took her to

the Exceptional Rodeo at the local Fair. The Exceptional Rodeo is a yearly program for local physically and mentally challenged adults and children; they have horseback riding (much like therapeutic riding with sidewalkers and such), bull riding (very slow mechanical bull), roping (roping dummy on the ground), wagon rides and more.

She did very well for her first day out, although she was very fidgety. She did have her picture taken with a few of the participants. It was such a dreadfully hot day. I did discover one thing, Misty likes ice; we were a long ways from the

trailer and water, but I had just finished a pop, so had a cup of ice, I offered her a piece, she proceeded to eat half a cup of ice and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Since, this was her first public appearance, I kind of kept her off to the side, she was mostly interested in the grass. I had to introduce her to all the full-size horses; all but one, were wide-eyed and snorty and they are supposed to be the calm, steadfast

mounts perfect for these particular participants. Even the two teams who have been there, done that were a little snorty, but once everyone was introduced, the big hroses proceeded to iqnore Misty and go about their business. A couple people asked if they

could ride her, but were very understanding when I said she was too young and not yet trained; next year we can tell people that they are just too big.

I live in the middle of farm and ranch country, so was very surprised when I did not get one single "What are they good for?".
That's good to get her out and used to being around strangers and other horses. Sounds like you had a good time too.
Thank you. I did have a good time. Next time will be even better.

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