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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
Here's another posting from Elizabeth, the lady that is looking after the horses rescued from New Orleans & area by the LSU vet group. I like the part about the little grey Mini....

I have lost count on how many large animals we have...I think it is 200+. That would include aproximately 8 goats and a pot bellied pig.

Everyone in todays trailer loads in were in good shape excpet for a few bumps and bruises. On one trip, the haulers were loading up a set of horses from a barn in the New Orleans area. As they were finishing up, a small grey mini stallion came flying around the barn and jumped on the trailer....apparently he didn't want to get left behind. Got to love those little guys.

Tomorrow, we will be preparing our 3rd barn. Each has 120 stalls. It is becoming more and more difficult to hand walk horses...we just have so many. But it does make cleaning stalls easier...we clean the stalls as the horses are being walked.

We have a lot of stallions....I never knew this many people kept stallions...amazing. I think we have 20 of them. They definately let you know they are there. to bed I go...

The LSU Group deserves a MAJOR Hug!!!!

They are Angels on Earth, and are doing such wonderful work! I loved the story about the little Mini not wanting to miss his ride, I am glad he was able to make the trailer!!

Major Kudos to this brave and compassionate group of Rescuers!!

Great post!

I bet she will be able to write a book on her experiences when all is said and done.


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