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Nov 14, 2006
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I have been a member for years but I'm more of a reader and lurker than poster, but I know this is the place to come with this issue >

I'm seeking some written facts from knowledgeable and honest Miniature and Saddle horse people.

The main issue is: Mini's are shown differently than a saddle horse.

They are a different discipline shown more as a driving horse than a saddle horse. (example: Mini's have been DQ'd and scolded for carrying a driving whip in ground driving class's, being told it is extremely dangerous)

We have organized a small equine show for several years now and every year we have to jump through hoops and plead our case to several committees to keep our small equine program, which includes all small equine, donkeys and mules. There is only 2 or 3 people who try to take this program away from the kids each year. I don't understand it and plan but on getting enough written facts and input from knowledgeable horse people to hopefully stop this issue from hindering this program any further.

This is a 4-H program where the learning experience and responsibility for the kids should be the main objective, not a control issue between selfish adults.

We had no intention of starting a Small Equine but after 3 years of extremely rude and selfish behavior from ADULTS Towards the kids showing mini’s, something had to be done. NO Child needs to hear adults saying their animal is useless, waste of time, ect.

Things like this being said by adults who have never got up in the middle of the night to check the gate lock or walk a colicy horse of any size. Every child has the right to exhibit their animal without ridicule and verbal abuse esp. from adults!

If we don't keep the small equine program the kids will only have 2 classes to show in with the saddle horses. Showing with the saddle horse really isn't an issue, the mini kids like to out show the big horses, But then are ridiculed your mini spooks my horse that's why we lost bla bla.. but more so the fact that showmanship is first on the showbill and trail in hand is last, which means at-least a 8 hour day for 2 classes 6 hours apart. Our mini show they limit to having to be done within 4 hours but in those 4 hours we have 17 classes for the kids to participate in, everything from showmanship, driving, and other fun in hand classes.

I'm trying to put this issue to rest once and for all and looking for knowledgeable horse people to send me their input on how Mini's and saddle horses aren't the same discipline, and any other input you may have to add. I could go on with many more details and experiences but I have added enough to give you the idea of what we're dealing with, its about the rights of the kids, I've explained and fought to keep it for years but it is wearing me thin, I do it for the kids, no personal gain here, but plenty of work. If I make a big portfolio of emails and letters from others that will be my ammo for future issue's They can put a copy on file and be done with it! When the issue comes up they can hand the lady a ton of papers and say read this it explains why mini's are a different discipline.

Feel free to email me with any questions, and PLEASE email me with input and miniature horse facts that I can share with these committee's. My goal is to collect as many emails and information as possible and have it ready when the subject comes up again.

Something I might add is their is no financial burden to the committees or anyone for this mini program it is all funded by sponsors and volunteers. As I said earlier I don't understand why these few people want to make such an issue out of it and refuse the kids that have mini’s the right to show and have more than 2 classes, it has nothing to do with them nor does it burden them in anyway, so it boils down to a control issue is all I can figure.

Thank you for your time and input.


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Here's an idea for you. This forum allows you to make a poll, so why not post certain questions and have not only a poll, but have the forum members respond to each question in their own box. Then you can print it off. Would seem a whole lot easier if you asked the specific questions you need to be answered.
Yes, can you make a list of specific questions you'd like answered? I'd help but I don't know how to go about writing such, no idea what to say that would be the most help to your cause.
I will be GLAD to help in any way I can including helping you to frame the questions for a poll. We have a 4-H Club and are very lucky to have TWO local show series nearby that WELCOME our minis in their own division!! One Club offers just a mini division and is asking US for ideas of what classes to add, and the other one (some of the same people) has THREE mini divisions. Maybe I can get some of these folks to respond. Both Clubs are also super flexible about our very special needs member, where I go into the trail class with her, and with allowing more than one 4-Her to enter the same mini in trail. We do appreciate all this but we also give them a lot of entry fees.

A couple of things I thought of: Do you have the rules for each of the minis classes and how they should be judged available to give to any judges that might not have judged minis before? We had to do that for a judge several years ago and now he judges a lot more mini classes and clearly enjoys it!

Are you on Facebook and/or would mind if I posted a condensed version on Facebook with your e-mail address? The people who run these shows I mentioned are among my many FB friends.
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Thank you All very much for the responses! The poll is a great idea but not sure what questions to ask other than the main one :Do mini's show the same as a saddle horse? Or "Are mini's the same discipline as a saddle horse?" Maybe "Are mini's at a disadvantage showing against saddle horses?" (that would depend on the class though). I will have to give it more thought but with all the cold meds. I'm not thinking clearly today. But I will be thinking!!

I understand because I've always had horses of variety of breeds and disciplines. But trying to explain to people who don't understand or are just wanting to be difficult is challenging to do on my own, So I need some back up. The sad thing is all the kids just want to exhibit their horse at the fair, which they should be allowed to with out being made feel inferior.

And Yes Targetsmom I'm on FB with that email, I think. I would LOVE to know more about your program! And yes I have all the rules, but the saddle horse committee doesn't fwd. that info to their judges, I went to the judges committee with the rule book > they weren't happy and said "Their judges can judge all horses and ponies and they wouldn't insult them and ask them review mini rules". But the judges I have gotten Knew ADS rules and AMHR rules yet also ASKED me for our 4-H show rules. We've had some awesome judges, at our mini shows

Thanks again!

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