Mini mules soon to be born!!!

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Feb 26, 2004
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Just wanted to let everyone know my mini mule babies will soon be here. Both of my minis are due anytime. Actually, from what the man said whom I bought them from, they were supposed to be a month apart. But, I think they are going to deliver together or very close to each other. One was due in Sept and the other in Oct. The OCt mare is bagged up and her bag feels like it is going to explode! She is huge, and very don't touch me right now ( don't blame her been there, done that!) The other mare that is due now has been laying down alot and the other day she showed strong signs then they all went away! It is a full moon tonight so we will see what happens! I am terrified, these are my first babies I have foaled out!

Do any of you ever sell your mules? I have people begging to buy them before they are even born. Had a couple who came by today begging me to sell them to them. I have the spotted jack here and everyone loves him and the mares are really nice girls. Just thought I would ask, not sure if I will be able to part with them!

Anyway, wish me luck and I would love any advise passed along about the foaling thing!
I haven't sold one yet
I have 3 now, with 3 more coming next April. We are trying for a match for our sorrel/white molly. My "non-horsey" husband has claimed her as his own (has even taken her to HIS first show) and now wants a match team.

I have people requesting mules a lot but so far.......I haven't parted with any.

Good luck with yours! Hope the foaling goes smoothly.
We have 11 minis right now and I would LOVE to get a mini donkey too.

I don't know what it is about them...but my daughter loves 'em too. If she sees this post I am in big trouble because she will not stop until we get one....hmmm....that's how we got into minis....
Equusite has a head shot of a donkey & foal for the monthly high point winner. It is the most beautiful "look" between the two you could ever hope to see ! I really loved mine, they are gentle and great moms. Many of mine went to one home as a herd and they still have all the adults!
Sure makes me feel good to see them all together in a great home. Hated to have to sell them, but life happens. The new owners still correspond and send foal pics each Spring. Next best thing to keeping them.