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Feb 26, 2004
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Just wanted to let everyone know I have sold my mini molly mule baby at three weeks old. She is top notch and has perfect conformation. Second mini mule baby due any day and she will be for sale also. Will keep everyone informed.

Wanted to brag a little also- I took the mini jack that is the sire to these two mini mules to a show today and took First Place in halter!

He is a two and a half year old little guy and I could not be more proud of him - he was sooo good. I think he was petted, hugged kissed, and loved on all day!
I think every child there sat on him and hugged him. You would never know he was an intack little guy! Now we are going to start working on jumping and the obstacle classes next! I even sold a breeding to him also! I am sold on the donkeys, there just aren't any better pets to be found!

Have a great donkey weekend everyone - I sure am!

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