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Aug 20, 2012
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Central Kansas
I am trying to learn here. So please be kind and patient with me
I have a 30" stallion 4yro and a 33" mare6yro. Last year was both their first year of matings and active breeding. I did pasture breeding. Stallion is fully dropped for sure! Well needless to say mare is back in heat this year. She has had two heats and they've been trying once again. This time I watched more closely than I did last year since she didn't take after 3 months and about 6 heats. I kind of think that may be related to his righty wasn't "dropped' fully from last year. Well I do not think he is fully penetrating her. Could his height be an issue? Since she is a maiden could she be to "tight"? I have let them pasture breed for these early heats as where I live I'd much rather baby be due April/March but I am fully prepared for anytime. I am wondering if I were to hand breed and put her a little lower than him would that help him do you think? Should I just let them pasture breed a few more months then try hand breeding? What are your thoughts? Any one have any experiences similar to this? I have tried google and the forums but can't seem to find anything helpful
I have attached pics of the couple! Mare is chestnut and in the harness stallion is the blue roan!

beautiful blue.jpg

sophie in harness.jpg
I would try handbreeding so you can help him hit the spot if neccessary. My 31" stallion had no trouble breeding a 36" mare. Where there is a will, there is a way. Could just be inexperience on both sides. I would also have your mare checked by a vet that understands feritility. Could be her reproductive parts just are mature enough yet, I had that happen. The mare didn't get in foal until she was almost 6. Vet told me she just wasn't mature enough yet. When she was, she got in foal on one cover.
I second the hand breeding. Our stallion is 30" and got two 34" mares in foal by us standing the mare a bit downhill and the stallion standing on his tippy-toes! We wrap the mares tail so it can easily be held out of the way.
I had a 37 inch stallion breed a 14 hand QH mare once!! Do not know how, but she presented us with the most lovely mini qh colt! So if theres a will there is a way!
I third the information given! My 33" stallion bred a 12.2hh Welsh mare with no help in the field! (He was intended to, but I had also intended to help him.....) With a LOT of help he got my 14.2hh Arab mare in foal, so the size is not an issue. Neither are his testicles as Rigs (monorchids, one testicle fully retained) can get mares in foal with no problems. I would say you are right and he is not actually breeding her at all- some stallions, especially "new boys" will do this, and they need a little help to fully embrace the joys of the moment, as it were!

Hand breed- I always do for at least the first year, anyway.
I third the motion on hand-breeding for the first year. The sizes of your horses should not be an issue. Young, inexperienced stallions are dumb as a box of rocks and will try to breed every part of the mare except the right part, especially if the mare isn't truly "in" heat. You also want to teach that young boy some manners. A young, inexperienced stallion could get frustrated and start savaging the mare. Now....I do have a couple of older wenches that do an admirable job of teaching youngsters their manners. But if you hand breed you can let your boy know he should not mount until he is ready, and help with his ...ummm.... aim, at least get him pointed in the right direction. And help to steady him until he actually finishes the job. But it takes a LOT of patience. Once had a young stallion - I could read darn near a whole book, standing their holding him behind a mare before he would FINALLY be ready.
Jean_B reminded me of some other things we used to "train" our young stallion. We have a special halter that we use ONLY for breeding, hang in a different place, etc. Not only does the stallion know what it means when we pull that halter down. but the MARES picked up on it too. We have a definite routine, special breeding area, and he has to wait, but you also don't want to punish him and literally turn him off to the whole idea. And you don't want him to get hurt, which can happen with a tail hair in the wrong place or a flying hoof. I think we were quite lucky with our stallion but I have heard about the "waiting and reading a book" issues that some people have had.
Thanks for all the replies! I wasn't to worried about the height difference next heat I will put them on a slope or something just to help him out a bit
I loosely braid and tail wrap when she goes "in" I make sure all is very loose as to not cut off any circulation. I will find a special halter I have heard of that but had forgotten about it.I am going to start it as I like the idea very much. My boy is such a sweety very flirty and much the read a book type lol By his attitude you cannot tell he is a stallion always very gentle even when mares are "in" he learned his manners well! I will keep the two separated when she is "in" so maybe that will hep him not have to ask all his questions to her ;) One thing I love about her is her heats are on the dot! Perfect to the book. Could tightness be an issue? There have been times where he looks like he is right at the spot but is just not penetrating. As there a not many (or any that I am aware) vets that specialize in fertility or just minis. I have asked all my local vets about blood pregnancy test but most have not heard of or do not do them. Even urine or anything breeding related the vets or not very helpful with. It is frustrating
If she has not settled by her 3rd cycle this year, I would have her checked for fertility issues by your vet.
My 38 inch maiden mare is in foal to a 32 inch stud who had no problems breeding her. A three inch difference wouldn't be a problem. I'd think that he's immature or that there is a fertility issue there.

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