Mare exhibiting stallion like behaviors

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Sunrise Valley

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Aug 10, 2006
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western North Carolina
I have an open, Alpha mare that has started acting studly. Squealing, archy-necked, and mounting another mare who has been in heat. The mare being mounted is the only one who challenges her dominance, and is the only one she mounts.

I think I remember this being addressed on the forum before, but I can't locate it. Is this hormonal? Does anyone know if I need to have some kind of workup done? Or is this just a sometimes normal spring behavior?


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I have NO experience with this, but did read the thread. I believe it was suggested that mares behaving that way sometimes have cystic ovaries. Sorry I can't be of more help to you, but maybe you could ask your vet about it.

Is she bred?

When "Hope" here was very newly (days-weeks) in foal, after we'd take another mare out to breed to DunIT, when she came back in the paddock, Hope would mount her for a moment, then wander off like nothing unusual was going on.

She was pregnant (only bred her over a couple days) because she had a foal for us about a month ago

I attributed her actions at the time as probably indicating she was in foal and going through some hormonal changes.

She could have cystis, she could be bred or in heat herself, or it could just be a genetic thing.

We have a family line here that does that regardless of anything else.
My mentor in horses taught me how valuable these mares really are. We have a couple here and they will let you know when a mare is in heat. They are wonderful if you have a "silent heat" mare that does not exhibit heat signs.

We cherish these mares. Some will even mount when they are quite pregnant and that we try to avoid! They can teach you alot!

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