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Vitamin E added to the diet will help with skin and coat conditions as well as allegies. As will a little flax or rice oil added to the feed, all you need is a couple tablespoons of it.
She’s actually been getting a coat supplement that has those things in it, ever since I’ve had her, because her coat was really bad. That’s another reason the hair thinning seemed kind of weird, because she had been getting that supplement.
When we brought Sally home from the rescue, her skin was thick and wrinkly. The vet said it was from poor nutrition and would get better with a good diet. She's fine now. Prayers for your little beauty.
Thank you so much😊 My sister actually came home yesterday to visit and I had her look at Peg. She has always been an animal person and has a lot of experience with them, and she just graduated from college with a bachelors in animal science, so I trust her opinion. She told me that, because Peg’s coat is thinning pretty evenly over her whole body, then she is probably just kind of starting over. Getting a new coat, “new skin”, because she is getting better nutrition and care now. And I realized that that is probably what is going on, because of how poor she was when I got her.

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