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Dec 22, 2004
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Windham, Maine
Maine Miniature Horse Club final show of the year will be held on Sept. 27th at Cumberland fair grounds. Should be a really nice show. Our judge for the day is AMHA judge Leslie Packard from NH. Last year we had 64 horses for the club show. The show is not a rated show but is pointed for members towards our year end awards. Class list, entry form and rules are on the website:

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*sigh* although i LOVE living here i do miss doing the little customary show's Jen and I do every year together. I always just loved the fair show and this will be the first one i've missed in probably 4 years? i've done it every year since it started.

I might have to come up to watch next year if jen nominates our "jet/bobby" baby in the futurity though... this should be one awesome baby!
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We are looking forward to it. We have 4 horses coming with 3 different handlers and we are all 3 looking forward to it! If you are on the fence about coming and have never come to this show before, you really should. It's tons of fun, the fair is going on at the same time and it's my favorite local show of the year

Mark, I forgot who was in charge of weather.....they better get to work
I tried for the August show and you saw how the weather went for that show
I do have a few horses who think they'll melt in the rain, you know

See everyone Saturday!

Good luck everyone! I will be busy in Texas, otherwise I'd be there. Leslie is a great judge, have fun!
I am still debating...Joey still looks ribby and pot he has quite a heavy winter coat already and I don't want to clip him as it is very cold already at night! Plus the Deerfield Show is on Sunday...
Shelly if your thinking about Deerfield for Sunday might as well get to Cumberland for practice on Sat. Cumberland is a mini show and Deerfield is an open show with some classes for minis. AS far as I have heard there will be a few horses at Cumberland not clipped that are doing performance classes. With the cool weather there maybe others as well.


My mom and I are going with Belle and Rhett! I'm looking forward to the fair show, but I am also upset that it is the last show of the season for us! Hopefully, the weather will turn around!


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