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MMM Dreams Debonair Dallas

MMM Dreams Dallas Diva

MMM Dreams Dallas Dancer
I like that "Dallas Diva" -- but whatever you choose -- she's just beautiful!!
Your buckskin pinto filly is beautiful! Buckskin is a favorite of mine, too, but perhaps with appaloosa spots! LOL Buckskin pinto is the next best thing. LOL Congrats!
Sorry, it's been so long. Kari has a strangle hold on the computer. She even had me get a Facebook page, not sure why. Never can get on it.

MMM Designs Roll Of The Dice (Dice) is 2 1/2 months old. He will be a silver black with blue eyes. Got a suprise from his sire's breeder. I bought Rohan back in 2009. The breeder said he had jumped the fence and bred a mare for 2010. She is a gorgous 3 yr old silver bay filly. Well, the breeder contacted me a few weeks ago about a buckskin colt that was born the same year. The sire she listed came back as not daddy. She tested all her other stallions on the farm at that time and they all came back as no. She tested Rohan and he is the daddy. She has another colt born the same year that she will be testing. She guesses Rohan got sneaky through the fence.

MMM Destinys Dazzling Diva (silver dunskin sabino) and MMM Dreams A Dash of Debonair (buckskin) are 2 months old. Diva loves people and will paw you if ignored.

MMM Dreams Desert Diamond (buckskin pinto) is 6 weeks old.

Here's updated pics.



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