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    Here's pictures of the five babies.
    Phantom (black splash) is the oldest and still loves to be loved on. Will be testing for LWO and splash. She was clipped about 6 weeks ago.
    Lilly (dominate white) is still shy. I think its due to not being able to hear. She is all white (dominate white) except the black on her muzzle. She was clipped about 4 weeks ago. Will be testing for LWO, the dominiate white factors, and sabino.
    JR, only colt at this time, has his name changed to Nippy. He is a mouthy little bugger. He was clipped a week ago. Sorry picture is not the best, but only chance I had to get a picture before he came up to me. We know he is smoky black but after clipping he showed a lot of white hairs. I called him my blue roan in disguise. Come to find out, he may very well be silver smoky black roan. He will be tested for LWO, silver, and roan.
    Raven (black) was clipped yesterday. She has become a love bug. She will walk up to you and lean into you to be loved. She will be tested for LWO.
    Last is Bailey. She has not been clipped yet. She is getting friendly and exploring more. Still needs to straighten her one back leg. Still sitting back on her heal.

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