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lovable minis

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Jun 26, 2004
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We went and looked at a new stallion yesterday. He is small, about 30 inches and very correct. He has mane and tail to spare...LOL. I am told he has 'cowboy' in his pedigree. Does anyone have pictures of their cowboy line horses? One thing holding me back is he rears up...mostly with me. Is there a way to break this? I have pictures but better not share as he is not mine....YET.
are you looking for a picture of Dels Cowboy too?

I can find the web-site if you would like it!

my boy liked to rear avery time I asked him to do annyting

so I taught him to rear on comand. now that it was something I was asking him to do, he dosent want to no more
now he just rears if I ask him to

also how old is he, my was 1 when he got in to that habit, and comed down with age
This little guy is 5/6 years old. Nothing done with him much. I will need to gather a bit more info on him. I was told he was taught to give hugs but I don't think this was a good thing to teach a horse unless on a command.

I thought there was a cowboy line, Maybe I am wrong. I don't have a registered name yet or seen his papers yet but I was told he is registered in AMHA and AMHR.

Thanks guys. Going to try and get more info on him now. I will keep all informed. Hubby really likes him.

OH he is a palomino pinto.

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