Looking for good sunscreen for noses

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We've always used a human baby sunscreen, but it's a lotion. I also have to apply it a couple times a day because they rub it off. :eek:(

There are also fly sprays with sun sreen in them for horses but I don't know the product name. They'd at least be lighter on the skin, I would think.
I use Baby Faces.
I've always used a product made for kids, but it is greasy, and the horses always get dirty faces. They are making some fly bonnets now that go all the way down the nose, I just havn't looked into it.
I use the spray on spf 100 Water Babies. Works great!
Ive used childs sunblock . But I really like absorbine ultrashield for non fading it seems to be working really well for our new Perlino Filly.
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Yeah...what SHE (arrow pointing up!!) said!! Now I can quit feeling guilty for being cheap and using baby sunscreen on Gasparin! I'm going to look into the SPF 100--I'm using a 50 'cause I thought it was as high as it went. Geez...I love this forum!!
My Pony Sunblock. Best product for horses out there, stays on (except for around front of lips from eating), VERY effective, safe and nontoxic, one little tub lasts a long time, and it makes the white areas look even cleaner and whiter. Great value for the price.

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