Lookey what my aunt got this morning!

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Nov 30, 2002
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This is her last foal of the year, and hopefully a keeper. I have one more foal to come yet next month. And after ultrasounds today, we are expecting 10 foals next year. Only 1 of them is bred to this babys sire as we sold him in May. And of coarse she is expected to have a filly.............a homozygous one to boot so I cant wait.

Anyway here is the latest edition here at the farm. Isnt SHE lovely? She has two bright blue eyes and lots of spots. HOpeing this one is homozygous as well, but we will see later when she is tested.

"See my neck isnt it pretty?"


Nap Time!


"She I do have ears really!" This is the only pic of about 30 that had her ears kinda up.

[SIZE=14pt]Very pretty little girl! Congradulations....tomorrow her ears will be up better.[/SIZE]

YEs, Mona we did get 1 boy

Here are two more


She looks chunky in this pic but really she is pretty tiny. I can carry her with one arm. And actually that is how I did carry her up from the pasture.

Ashley....she is beautiful!
Ummm....you gotta sell her to me for a future broodmare...just think what pretty foals she and Renagde would have!

She isn't related to him...is she?!

Anyway....she is lovely! Congrats to you and Dianna!
C&C sorry that wouldnt work. Forgot to tell you, its Renegades sister

However I can keep you in mind for my mare next month. She is out of the same sire as this filly, and her dam is a wild marked buckskin pinto.

Here ears are up all the time you are looking at her, or when she is following you everywhere. Once you pull out the cammera they seem to go into hideing.
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Ohhhh pooh! LOL

Well....I could always buy another stallion! hee,hee!
That would work. NExt year hopefully will be a good year. We should have 5 or so bred to our frame overo stallion.
sounds like you found a perfect name... Isnt she lovely
I dont think my aunt would like that. I suggested Fantasy Corrals Mystical Charisma but she didnt like that either.

My uncle needs a short nick name that he can remember.

But any other suggestions are welcome. Her dam is DR's Fantasias Fantasy, something along the Fantasy line would be good.
AWWWWW, very pretty!!! Dont u want to trade some of my boys for her,lol???? You must have too many fillies now.
Nah we can never have to many fillies. We are at 1 boy and 8 fillies for the year. THat said..............we normally have more boys then girls. At most years we have had those numbers in reverse. ITs nice to finally have a girl year.
Sounds like the "Filly Fairy" rules the roost up there!

I'm not good at names but ammuse myself by trying......he he he

Fantasy Corrals Tickle My Fancy

Fantasy Corrals Little Fanny Farmer

Fantasy Corrals Sugar N Spice

Fantasy Corrals Foot Loose N Fancy Free

Fantasy Corrals Fantastic Fancy

Fantasy Corrals Duchess of Diamond

Fantasy Corrals Diana's Duchess

Fantasy Corrals Kings Little Cricket

Fantasy Corrals Elvira (humming that Oak Ridge Boys tune....getty up...oomp papa oompapa mauw mauw...high ho silver away

Fantasy Corrals Once Upon a Time (ya know like the title of a fairy tale story)
One more....Fantasy Corrals Daisy Duke (in honor of todays grand opening of Dukes of Hazard movie)
We shall she what she ends up nameing herself I guess. Normally how it goes, we wait till they give us a name. When she unfolds I will get a few more pics of her. Hopefully in a few weeks I can get her clipped at least before fall hits.

OH and Russ...........Tamale will be haveing a baby next year, right along with her mom. THey are both bred to the same stallion.
Oh My goodness,,, she is really, really nice!!
Your Aunt is one lucky person!

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