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Mar 27, 2004
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I don’t know how many had a chance to watch the presentation of the National Grand Champions on Thursday night. I thought it was pretty cool. Many others commented on how they liked it also.

I know that there are things to work out and things that could be improved. But, I was kind of going by the seat of my pants. I also know that I made a pest of myself and probably bothered Lenard and Mark too much, but I feel that this kind of fanfare is what we need in order to present to the world what we have. And, thanks to Flannders we certainly did present to the world.

I hope that we can do it again next year, and that others with more expertise can organize it.

Now for the scuttlebutt, that I heard from some. Just talk, but this is what I heard.. –Okay—Here goes—

I heard that there is talk that our show is losing money and that we don’t need such a fancy place. I don’t know how it could be, with that many horses entered, but that is what I heard. And doggone ,it I think we do deserve a nice place like Tulsa, the miniature people have paid our way and more for years.

But if it is true, loosing money will not make the board of directory people happy. So, what we need to do is [SIZE=12pt]pay our own way[/SIZE].

So how do we do that. Well, one thing we could, do is sell the GRAND CHAMPION PRESENTATION TABLE to everyone. A dollar here, a dollar there and it is your table. If everyone that raises AMHR miniature horses donated just a little bit, we can help offset the cost of a lot of things. In fact I feel that there should be a limit on how much could be donated. AMHR is not just a few big money farms, it is so many of us little guys, and that table should belong to everyone of us.

We don’t ask the board for nothing we do it on our own. This show does not belong to just those that show, it belongs to everyone that raises and registers AMHR horses.

I had a great time, but boy I am glad to be home. Renee


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Dec 11, 2002
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I enjoyed the Grand Champion presentation. While it does need some fine tuning (can we turn out the lights and have spot lights?), it's something that should be done.

Now, I hadn't heard the rumor that the National show was loosing money. I suppose it's possible but I have no facts either way. I will say that I spend a lot of time at Tulsa with Nationals and Pinto World and it's a top notch facility. The grounds people are always working to keep it clean. The security is friendly. The bathrooms are wonderful. Stalls are plentiful. The only thing that I would change about Tulsa is their flood control (it's hard to get from the racetrack barn to the arena when the road is flooded) and put hot water in the wash racks. Other than that, we would be hard pressed to find a facility that is equal.


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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
I enjoyed it too and please do keep it part of nationals for the years to come..i think with the lights off and a spotlight on each horse as they bring it around would be nice or maybe a liberty in the dark w/ spotlight of each grand for just a few moments with their neck sash ext...just thinking off the top of my head....

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