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Jul 11, 2007
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North East Texas
I have a little driving experience and know the very basics of driving. I would like to gain more experience and learn more advanced things. (like collecting and extending the trot and how to get the right lead for the canter) I know how to ride "big" horses but driving seems so different! We do not have a horse or pony that is trained to drive, but I really would like to learn how.

Is there a driving instructor in the area of Tyler or Canton, Texas? So far I have not been able to find one? How much do driving lessons usually cost?

The best place to start is probably going to be either your local miniature horse club, check both AMHA and AMHR clubs. They will be able to let you know about other drivers in the area. Another resource is http://www.americandrivingsociety.org this is more for Combined Driving and Pleasure Show Driving, as opposed to Breed Show Driving.

Best of luck to you! It is a lot of fun. I drive nearly every day. I will tell you that you never canter in harness unless you are at the Preliminary level or above in Combined Driving.
We teach driving lessons at Rosa Roca Training Stable. We're just east of Oklahoma City, and we even have a guest house you can stay in if you want to stay overnight or for a weekend. We have several different Miniature Horses or Shetlands that you can take lessons with while you're here.

You can contact me directly at [email protected] or visit our website: rosaroca.net

We'd love to meet you!

Do a web search or check the ADS website ClickMini provided for carriage clubs in Texas. They can help you find an instructor that would know about things like cantering in harness. Amy's right, though you can canter cones in training level last I heard and IMO all green horses should learn to canter calmly in the cart so that they're familiar with it under controlled circumstances and it doesn't scare them if it happens later. Choosing leads under harness is very advanced stuff though! I'd focus on ordinary driving for now.
There's a lot to learn just at the walk.

I found my local driving instructor through a link on Leia's website www.cde4vse! I am not sure where I ened up but that was where I started. My instructor has big horses and does carriage driving with them, but the principles are all the same. So you might look for carriage driving clubs in your area too.

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