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Jul 13, 2023
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Hello everyone, I’ve recently joined this forum and am so excited to learn all about minis!

I have been riding horses on and off for my whole life, and have only recently been interested in minis after I received a concussion while riding about a year or two ago. Minis seem like a wonderful alternative to full size horses and I would love to have one or two of my own in the near future. I love their versatility in driving disciplines and would be thrilled to learn how to drive someday. I am currently saving up for this, so if you have any suggestions or advice for how much to have saved in advance before purchasing a mini please let me know! Also anything you learned from your first mini would be wonderful to hear. Thanks!
Welcome Discorex! Minis are a wonderful addition to your life and very versatile as well. To know them is to love them! 😍

Spend as much time as you need in searching ads, barns, rescues, and stables that have minis. Learn what your market looks like concerning horses and current prices. That will tell you what is needed financially for the initial purchase. Registered show minis are usually 4 figures while rescue and pet quality can be found for less. In my area between ($250 to $750.)

Vet and farrier fees are typically same prices as for their bigger cousins. Do you have access to an equine vet and also a farrier in your area? Don’t hesitate to call a local equine vet and ask what a farm call may average for a routine issue such as dental. What does the farrier charge and is he/she taking new clients? Those would be great areas to have a nest egg!

Are you able to house your mini or do you need to stable your mini?

Have a great time exploring and know questions are always welcome! 👍
Welcome to you from NW Connecticut. Minis are wonderful little creatures. From my first miniature horse Lady, I learned that horses in smaller packages are funny, playful and more easily handled than full size horses. I had riding horses for more than 20 before getting Lady. All of them were easy, push-button animals with great personalities, but there's just something different about a mini. Once you get one or better yet 2, you'll wonder what took you so long. Good luck to you.
Welcome from the great white north (currently very green!) of Alberta, Canada. Oregon is my favorite of the states. I loved visiting there.
I think you have a great idea getting into minis. They're so much fun, versatile and can certainly fill the horsey void. My mini mare, Jasmine, cost me $50 on Kijiji and $100 to ship her from the province next door to me. She's done everything since, shows in hand, trained to harness and loves to drive! She visits care facilities and rides in elevators, she's just the most remarkable little thing ever.
The only challenge with them seems to be their feeding maintenance as they will eat as much as a horse if you let them, and are prone to laminitis and founder on those tiny hooves. Otherwise, you can get tack and blankets and all the fun things for horses in tiny size too!

have a great time
Welcome from Idaho! If you decide to purchase a mini, I know a breeder in Washington state that has beautiful registered minis. The prices run a little more around the pacific northwest. I would expect to pay around $1000 for pet or $2000 for registered. Just ball park figures! Welcome to this forum!

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