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Jan 1, 2004
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St.Marys, Ontario
We left on the 13th...with snow in the air!!!! :DOH! It was about an 8 hour drive from here, and the puppies were soooo good! My car has never been that packed though! LOL We drove through a bit of snow, then rain...made it a bit tricky unloading things when we got there, as I didn't want to do it in the rain!

I finally did get things unpacked and the 'corgi condo' set up in the room. The other reason I didn't want to unpack in the rain....I didn't want the dogs to get soaked if I didn't have to.

This is them hanging out in the room after the rain let up a bit

Lainey, Delilah, Moxie & Jane


You can see the top level of the 'corgi condo' in the background

Delilah, Moxie (with her new toy
), Lainey, Jane


Monday was EXTREMELY cold as we stood outside for most of the afternoon, waiting for my friend to run her first agility trial! Moxie was entered to do Rally Advanced, but since she came into heat just before we left, no obedience events for her. I also had to set up the 'corgi condo #2' in the grooming area.


Tuesday we decided to spend most of the time indoors...we were still cold from Monday, but at least it was starting to warm up a bit. Then the 'fun' began. Tues night was the annual Megan show which any Cardigan Corgi holding a Champion title (not necessarily a US CH, it is open to any CH from outside the US as well). Classes for the Megan are split by sex, but then are split by COLOUR. So you have a best Blue Merle Dog, Black Dog, Brindle Dog, Red/Sable Dog and same with the females. Then all the bests of each show against each other for the Megan award. It is a just a 'fun' show, but all the competitors dress up in more than their normal show clothes, and it is a big deal for Cardigan owners/breeders/handlers. Wed brought puppy & veteran sweepstakes (and Mom and I took off to do some shopping first thing in the morning....when we got back after a few hours, they were just finishing the 2nd dog class of the day!!!!). Thurs was class males, Fri was class females, and Sat was Best of Breed. Moxie was shown by a friend on Friday, since I couldn't keep up to her to show her properly (thanks to Anoki breaking some of my toes).

There were a few hundred Cardigan Corgis there, and we all had a great time (though I didn't envy those who had decided to camp in their RVS in the hotel parking hydro or water hook up and generators were not allowed to run past 11 PM. they were awfully cold the first couple of days). It was a lot of fun! I met a lot of people that I had met 2 years ago, except now I actually knew who they were!
And met some new people too. Got to hang out with the owners/breeders of the puppies' father, and they are always a hoot! Oh yes, and can't forget the earthquake Friday morning....I was woken up around 5:30 AM to a noise, which sounded like someone was knocking on the door....then ALL the dogs just went CRAZY!!! So I decide to get up and make sure someone wasn't at the door (sfmini was coming that day after all, though I thought to myself, 5:30 is a little on the early side LOL). While I was walking dogs later, Mom turned on the news and saw that there was an earthquake....well at least I wasn't totally losing my mind!!

Here are some pics of the puppies hanging out in their xpen

Moxie, Lainey, Jane, Delilah


Jane, Delilah, Lainey, Liily (sfmini's girl)


Moxie & Delilah




Jane, Lainey, Moxie (lying down), Delilah, Lily




We got a portrait done of Moxie and the 4 girls....I'll post it when I get a copy of it!!

The weather was B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!! And we came back to the same weather here in Ontario!!

I think the thing that topped off the week was last night at Jane's final night of puppy classes....she was 2nd in the class out of 6 dogs!!!!!
This was the puppy who would only sit under my chair in class and hide from everyone and everything before we went to KY, would NOT walk on leash no matter how hard I tried to bribe her, let alone DO anything I asked her to do with a leash attached!! I was soooooo proud of her!!!!

Anyways, it was quite the experience.....Topeka, KS here we come in 2009!!!!

I can add a few pics too. Here is Moxie showing. Sorry it's dark, but I had a slower lense with me.

I can't wait to get my copy of the picture of the 4 puppies and Moxie! It is so cool!


This is Lily and Delilah playing in the room.

Oh JODY!!! I hafta have that shot of Moxie!!!!!!!
I never get to see what she looks like in the ring!!!!!!!
(even when I'm not showing her..... :DOH!

Wow, seeing that.....
but man that carpet is AWFUL!!!!


forgot to say, that's Lainey tackling Lily in the bottom shot
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Told ya she was showing great! Here's another gaiting. Good picture, but puleez, call in the fashion police for you know who in the background!

Great pics Kathryn, cute to see the corgi condos too
Are you interested in a tracking lesson on Sunday morning, Marie (tracking lady) is coming for a retriever class at 10 am , the class will probably finish about noon and she said if you are willing to come she could start you off tracking after the class? Let me know and I can send you directions.

What a trip!

I can't believe you can take dogs into hotels over there! It would NEVER be permitted in Australia. Very very tight rules on where you can take dogs. Most trailer parks and holiday parks won't even allow dogs! I just thought it was normal until my hubby moved over from Canada with his dog and was very upset about not being able to take his dog out and about.
Imagine almost 500 cardigan welsh corgis in one motel

We always travel with our dogs, sometimes have to work to find dog friendly motels. Yhe key here is to say you have crated show dogs. Most show people are very respectful and clean up after their dogs.
Sounds like it was a fun time
. Moxie looks beautiful!

The more i see these dogs, the more i want one
Very Cool! Good for you! That is a trip and a half. Welcome Back!
Thanks!!! It was a fun trip! Now I'm trying to figure out if Topeka, KS is do-able next year...

Next trip is Midland, MI in 2 weeks
Puppies get to debut! Though I will only be showing 2 of the 3 on the Sat, one on the Sun, puppy #3 has to wait until the next show, but is coming along since she would not be happy staying home with Grandma & Grandpa!
Moxie of course will be showing both days. And we are going with Moxie's breeder and another Cardigan person from Ontario (7 dogs in all...4 of them mine
). At least I don't have to cram my car full of stuff again soo soon!!!

I told you everything would be alright!! Love the pictures and hearing about your trip! Sounds like both you and the puppies had fun.
Ah....I saw this thread last night and had wanted to read and reply but got sidetracked with puppy and horsie things here at home. Kathryn and Jody...the pups all look great!! What a Hoot it must've been to have that many puppies in your hotel room with you!!!. I remember our trip to OK where we had our two big girls with us. Tennessee was super with our girls! They referred to them as our "babies". OK was pretty good too we stayed there for a week and loved it! We stayed at the Comfort Inn chains and everything was so clean and lots of amenities. Would do it again in a heartbeat!

Back to your trip.....I enjoyed reading how exciting it all was for you and how awesome all the pups look! I love these dogs...never took a fancy to them really until I met Moxie "online. Keep up the good work and training....and am looking forward to hearing more about your travels!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!
I love these dogs...never took a fancy to them really until I met Moxie "online.
I need to rephrase this as it does'nt sound quite like what I meant it to be!
I had never really had the opportunity to know Corgi's and develope a fancy for them until I met Moxie!!
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I forgot to add that when Moxie was being shown by my friend, Mox grabbed the hem of her skirt!!!!
:DOH! LOL The brat! My friend said it took her totally by surprise....guess I forgot to mention that to her!! LOL Mox hasn't grabbed my skirt before, but she has grabbed my pant leg a time or two....usually not in the ring, normally it's when she's playing and doesn't think I'm paying enough attention to her! Brat!!!!


I forgot to add....

Sterling, I have had a few people say that....they never thought much of corgis, but then they never really had the chance to get to know one!
I understand! I didn't think much of them until I met my first one either!!
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wonderful pictures, kathryn! i so wish i could have made it there, maybe sometime in the future. i would SO love to see YOUR cardis. i saw my first in-person cardis at a show last year and i was amazed at how different their structure is from the pems. just beautiful dogs!!

i'm trying to imagine a big ole FRAP session in a hotel room with that many corgis! LOL

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