Kitty rules the roost!

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Jan 12, 2005
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My lovely border collie has hit middle age and slowing up a touch, Winter is coming so I bought her a sheepskin covered magnetic pet pad to sit on. I have a magnetic underlay and it's great for my arthritis - doggy has been on my bed more often so figured she might benefit from one of her own.

Pet pad arrived, placed under the towel on her normal space she sits on and all happy.

Next day, get home and the cat is sitting prime position on the dog's bed. NEVER happened before, only thing that's changed is the arrival of the pet pad.

Move cat, let dog sit down. All happy..... for two seconds! Cat gets off couch, walks over to dog and SMACKS her fair across the snot to get her to move! Which she did, cat then resumes position on bed..... :DOH!

I have now shifted the pet pad to the cat's corner of the couch and guess what???? One happy kitty in residence on pet pad every night! He even doesn't come to bed with me until it gets REALLY cold.

No idea whether it's the sheepskin or the magnets that attracted him, but one thing's for sure HE'S THE BOSS.

As an aside, I have ordered the dog another pet pad


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Sep 10, 2003
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Now in Virginia
Am sorry.... have to laugh at that. Poor Dog.
Our cats rule here too.

Sounds like you will need to get a 2nd dog bed.

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