Kittens in the doghouse!

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Oct 11, 2007
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This is not another story about a mommy dog stealing kittens. We have a very old shetland sheepdog male, not nuetered. Can't hear a thing, loosing his teeth and doesn't get around very well. We keep his dog house up on the porch so he doesn't have to go out in the rain to eat. he is very furry. In the winter I look in his doghouse and see him and a bunch of cats all packed in like sardines. He is sound asleep and they are all over and around him. Yesterday when I looked in there I noticed 4 newborn kittens! I thought I would have to get Dusty a new house to sleep in. I soon saw him carefully go in and lay on the other side so as to not disturb the kittens. Momma kitty soon joined him and they seem very happy about the arrangement!

The cats are wild and will allow me to feed them but that's it, so I was suprised to see this.

Shelia B.


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Dec 30, 2004
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I love it! Yes, please try to sneak a picture!
How precious! It is possible for some animals to live in harmony together regardless of species. Just amazing! My brother had a turkey gobbler and a guinea hen years ago who were definitely in love. They were together all day in the yard and in the evening they would fly up onto a shed in the yard to roost. Other chickens were there, too. But, one day the turkey was already on the shed and the guinea hen was flying up there. She was in flight and was about to fall so the turkey reached out with his head and pulled her to him to safety! I just stood there amazed.