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Nov 30, 2002
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Arlington, WA
This is my little supervisor, Sophie. She inspects all the stalls I clean to make sure they're up to her exacting standards. She also supervises all the mixing of grain for dinner, my weeding the garden and gives me speeches when I just sit down in the shade to relax. I just love this little girl. She faithfully gives me a little walnut-sized egg every day.


This was a big day for 'baby' Daisy. She finally got her 'big girl' fly mask. I had to buy an arabian sized one for the little larger jowels, and she's still got some room to grow. She'll be 2 on July 8th. Her momma, Lily, is still quite wary of the whole velcro thing, but maybe if she sees me take it on and off with Daisy without killing her, she'll get the idea.


Here's a great farm dog. This is Sandy, a golden retriever - border collie cross. She loves to be on top of any stack of hay. Unfortunately, this time of year it's not too high, but in a couple of weeks she'll be REALLY happy!


This is my little flock of laying hens. They have me trained to throw them a little scratch every time I go out to the barn. I don't want them coming in and pooping in there and they don't seem to understand, "NO CHICKENS IN THE BARN!!"


Thanks for looking. It was such a lovely day here in the NW and I just wanted to share. The draft and the minis were each in the cool shade of their pastures and weren't interesting in coming out and being photogenic. Maybe tomorrow!!

Thanks Jayne for sharing a little piece of your life outside of the horses.

I love your chickens. My friend calls her chickens her 'girls'.

Love your dog too!
Aww--great shots. Felt like I was there with you. A chicken showed up here one day--and I loved the fresh egg--but she sure pooped a lot! I understand why you don't want them in the barn.
What a cute little Seabright girl!! I had a mini one of her in the form of a rooster a few years ago...we called him Ritchie. Awesome little birds! Your farm just look sso "homey and sweet". Your puppy is precious...thanks for sharing!
Jayne --

Those pictures are great!!! I love your farm members
It must be so "centering" to work around those special animals each day

It WAS a beautiful day yesterday, Jayne! Finally, we're

getting a touch of summer in the beautiful Pacific NW.

It was a perfect day for giving us a trip around your farm.

Everyone looks delighted to be exactly where they are.
Thank you ALL for your kind comments. Everyone is content right where they are, especially ME!! It was my dream to have my own little farmette with the horses here at home, and it finally happened when I was 43!! I wonder if maybe I appreciate it more because I waited so long.

Yes, we're finally having decent summer weather here in the PNW. I had to replant about 1/2 of my garden as some things just would not germinate in the cooler soil. Hopefully we'll get a little longer growing season on the back end so I can harvest some of this stuff that is going in about a month late!

Thanks again for looking!!

Thanks for letting us see your cute little "farmette". Love your little chicken.....I keep thinking I would like just one or two but hubby is in the BBQ business and he thinks all chickens are good only with sauce :DOH!

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