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Jun 2, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
I just called to order a little something from Chimacum Tack & Janie told me she's got her Showtime halters on sale. They are normally $126 and she's selling them for $100.

I'm not really needing any more show halters, but that's a tempting price so I thought I'd share the info with you all. Maybe if others go shopping all temptation will be removed. I can't buy anything if you all beat me to it, can I??

Anyway, some of the halters are on the website, but Janie said that if there's anything on the www.showtimetack.com site that isn't on her site, to give her a call or e-mail, because she just might have it anyway, she's got a lot of stuff that isn't on her website.

I'm not going to look.....I'm NOT going to look....

well, maybe just a peek??