Just got the Animal Genetics test results

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Nov 21, 2006
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So I just received back the test results on this little filly. Just for fun I thought I would show you her and let you guess what she tested out as.... Hint: Just a touch of white on the face and two blue eyes.

This is the filly, Pacific Fantasia


This is the dam, Mini Moons Easter Lily


This is the sire, Canterbury All That Jazz


Guesses on the dam and sire are extra credit!!!
I am still learning, but what the heck!

Homozygous Black, heterozygous LWO, heterozygous tobiano, and carries one copy of the cream gene that we can't tell by looking at her.

LOL!!! Is all that even possible?!

The dam looks to be LWO positive and the sire looks to be homozygous tobiano.
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Homozygous pinto, hetro black and LWO positive
Nice job everyone.

Julie you are a quick learn and yes that could all be possible. You even went for the extra credit !!!!

I am going to see if anyone else wants to play before giving you the answers though...

Homozygous black

Hetero tobiano


PS Now that I know more about Splash from another thread, I am going to add Splash to the list.
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My guess is LWO- Homozygous Black and Heterozygous Tobiano.
:yeah Gorgeous filly BTW!!!

Editted to add also splash!!
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Psssttttt Although lots of these horses might carry splash, it is not testable. Yet!
Psssttttt Although lots of these horses might carry splash, it is not testable. Yet!

So based on what's testable, I say:

Tobiano heterozygous

LWO positive

Homozygous Black
Not sure about the tests but just wanted to say what a Gorgeous little stallion her dad is!!!!! :)

Susan O.
Heres my guesses, I had to think.

Sire: Homoygous Tobiano

Dam: Frame Tovero?

Filly: LWO+, Homozygous black, and homozygous Tobiano.
Ok, I don't know if I am cheating or not, but I checked out your website and saw that you were also testing her for red.

The filly I say Hetero Tobiano, LWO+, and carries one copy of red!

The dam is LWO+, Hetero Tobiano, and Homozygous Black.

The sire is Homozygous Tobiano (and also carries one copy of red)
Sara wins

Fantasia is heterozygous Tobiano (nT), LWO positive (nO), Red Factor = Red/Black (Ee)

She has so little white on her face that I questioned if she would come back LWO +, but she does have those incredible sparkling blue eyes.

Dam is LWO Frame positive, heterozygous Tobiano, and red/black.

Sire is homozygous Tobiano and red/black.

If the dam does have splashed white I cannot verify it yet. Unless she produces a classic splashed white or there is a test I would not be able to confirm it.

So to all of you that thought she was homozygous black, was that because she is such a dark black???

We breed for the "Jet Black" horses which do not fade out in summer. But they can be homo or hetero and remain the same black intensity either way. Only testing shows us homozygosity or heterozygosity.
Interesting! Yes, I had forgotten there was no test yet for Splash! For some reason I had it in my mind that they had gotten one recently. As for why I said homozygous black...no reason really...it was just a guess, since her parents were both black.
That is good reasoning Mona.

In our experience, there is a higher likelihood of getting a homozygous black if one of the parents are homo black. In this case, both parents are heterozygous black.

We are thrilled with the results as well as the filly herself. Just breathtaking to see her in motion.

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