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Champagne does not hide and will be very apparent, especially on a black based horse. He doesn't look champagne, he looks like a palomino appaloosa (with the mottling and striped hooves). Based on the little bit of his dam showing in the newborn pictute, she was most likely a smokey black (would have cream to pass on). Any appy in his pedigree?
One color test is back. The colt is NOT grey. I asked for this test first because I didn't want to spend a lot if he was going to grey out.

I'll order the other tests now.

Oh, he now has a name: Peakviews Captain Crunch, aka "Captain".

More photos soon. I've been a little busy.
Can't wait to see him golden up with age. So cute.

Thanks for sharing the test results.
So interesting to see the different colors Palomino can be at birth

Our foals have always been black based as our stallion is homozygous for black

But this year is our 2nd stallions first foals and he is a Palomino so I will probably be asking

the color question with our foals too.His first filly is a double dilute I think maybe smokey cream

as she looks different than our Perlinos we've had born and looks too dark for a Creamello

But we have to test her. Waiting on another by him due soon

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