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Jun 3, 2004
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Brandon Manitoba
had a person (or people) show just a little too much interest in your horses?

Davie's post on Jan's stolen fillies had me thinking of this. I've always thought I'm a bit paranoid--I always say I have a nasty, suspicious mind!--but maybe that's really not a bad thing?

I've had someone stop in here to ask about Minis. They didn't seem especially interested in horses, and they didn't ask what we have for sale or what we're asking for specific ones. They only wanted to know "what are they worth?"

If you were in my place, what would you reply? If they want to know the value of your favorite mare, do you tell them?

I won't "go there" with someone like that. If they try to find out what a favorite horse is worth or what I'd want for the horse, I just say that one isn't for sale. I do not get into values. If they ask the general question "what's a Mini worth" I give a very generic reply--I'll tell them you can buy unregistered ones around here for $200 or $300, and prices go up from there. I will tell them that some Minis do bring very good prices, but only if they have registration papers. There's not a chance that I'm going to tell this person that any one of our horses is worth any big amount of money, or that a couple have high price tags on them. Why not? I have visions of certain people coming back to steal horses in the night, or when we're not home. If they're made to realize that without papers a little horse is worth only a small amount, they may not think it's worthwhile. If they think they can pick up a little horse and take it away & sell it for $3000, that's more incentive--and ya, some people are just too stupid to put it all together that a registered horse is worth four figures, but a stolen horse with no papers is worth a fraction of that price.

We had a load of hay delivered by one fellow awhile back--he'd brought hay for us a couple times before & the very first time he was here he was wanting to know what we had for saddles, and where did we keep them and could he see one? Seemed a little odd to me. Anyway, this last time he was unloading hay--it was a Saturday afternoon--and he suddenly wanted to know if we were going away that night. I truthfully said no (then later wished I had said yes, just to see....) My mom had been within earshot, and she wanted to know what that was about--why would he think we'd be going away, and why would he care. I said my impression was that he wanted to know if we'd be home later if he were to come back to liberate some stuff. Like the saddles he was entirely too interested in... If I had been going somewhere that night I'd have not told him so!

Yep, I think I'll just stick with my nasty, suspicious mind!!
It's unfortunate that, the way the world is today, we all need to have a suspicious nature. The days of never needing to lock a door are long gone.
Yea that question from an unknown person may be suspicious. On the other hand I get that question from just about everyone that knows I raise miniatures. Also the "how tall do they get". I never know what to tell them other than "It Varies"
Because I know if I start going into details I just bore people
Yes... I've had some interesting conversations with people. I'm honest, but I will not price them to someone I know is not looking to buy, or who gives me weird vibes. I just say they are not for sale, therefore there is no price! And I will also mention they aren't worth anything without their papers! I have had some neighborhood kids ask if they are rideable... and NO, they are not. Especially not my yearling colt who is only 26" tall!
Great points! I've had stuff like that happen here too.....and I get very vague. Will tell them the cheapest price without papers and then stress how much they will cost WITH papers -- just like you.

Have you noticed they never come back????


wHEN FOLKS COME VISIT OR THE DELIVERY GUY COMES OR THE METER READER...ANYONE...IF THEY ASK WHERE'S THE DOG, i ANSWER BY SMILING AND SAYING, "WELL THEY'RE IN THE HOUSE. a DOBE AND A ROTTIE AND WHILE THEY LISTEN TO ME i CAN'T TRUST THEM AROUND PEOPLE. If you come and they're out...for God sake don't get out of the vehicle and just because you don't see them, still don't cuz they hide and wait.

(sorry cap button stuck and I ain't retyping)
I also have signs that say "under video observation".....etc. It's true, hey most of us have the cams installed and just not on other than a mare

BUT consider that they could be pointed outside -- and video taped.

The "...worth about $50 without registration...." speach usually helps

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