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Jun 18, 2005
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ok ok...so I decided to edit a little bit and just leave it at the lesson!

--here's the lesson for those of you that have been breeding and showing minis for quite some time and have the reputation of being a 'big time' breeder;

Please, pretty please, help out those that want to learn from you. I know there's a lot of us and sometimes you might just want to to do your own thing which is completely understandable.BUT by doing so you're bettering the miniature horse breed by being an educator. Plus, you're making showing and dealing with other breeders more enjoyable and making the world little bit of a better place

And also, I know we all learned this in school, it just seems as though for some people it didn't stick! but be aware that you never know the whole story and you never really know a person unless you've walked in their shoes. If you have a problem with someone...address it to them. If you see something that someone can make better...tell them (I'm talking horses here!!) because more than likely, they want to hear it.
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Sorry that happened, but in a way it's good you found out what the person is really like. And good advice for all of us - big or small.


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Dec 11, 2002
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I'm sorry if something happened that upset you. My daughter and I are not big breeders, heck we aren't even breeders at all. But we do show at the National and World level and anytime we can help someone, we will sure try. Anything from grooming and prep to how to set a horse up, whatever we can share we will. We all started at some point and we weren't good to start with. But we had a lot of help from some wonderful people and we like to pass that forward to others. So if you ever see us at a show, just come on up and talk to us, we love meeting other mini people.

Karen Hunter

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