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Filipowicz Farm

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Aug 21, 2003
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The mares name is Mikalas Illusion. reg # 79061B Thanks for any help really appreceite it.
Mikala's Illusion -94 black pinto mare, 35" tall bred by Danny or Nancy Dalton and last owned by Sue Counts

Sire: Peier Dancer AMHR #58736A-84 black pinto-30.75"(Moores Shawn Tee-30"-AMHA x Unregistered dam)

Dam: Timber Ridge's Shawnee Maiden AMHR#34679B-79 sorrel pinto-35.5"(Peaceful Valley's Little Chief AMHR#35727A-70 chestnut pinto-30.5" by Stouts Mr. Pride AMHR#1105A-63 sorrel pinto-30.5"(unregistered parents) x unregistered dam out of Dalton's Candy Girl AMHR#34696B-75 sorrel pinto mare-36"(Shetland-Little Toy x Shetland-Lucky Acres Thunder Dawn)

Dalton's Candy Girl ASPC reg. name is Candy Girl l ASPC#131021-75 sorrel pinto mare, bred & owned by William Dalton

Sire: Little Toy #64303-59 golden palomino(My Golden Toy #29313-palomino by Realization #24303-golden out of(when I say out of I mean dam of Little Toy-etc) Little Golden Queen #31563A-palomino by Realization x Red Lady Bug--Little Golden Queen is full sister to My Golden Toy)

Dam: Lucky Acres Thunder Dawn #66155-59 red sorrel(Radiant Realization #37028-palomino by Realization x Lady Myrtle by Realization--Radiant Realization is full brother to Sun's Realization lll a top pony once owned by Scott Uzzel and Wa-Fall Farm out of Georgiana Patton #25756-black by The Greyhound-grey and full blood brother to Silver White x Georigana)

3 progeny reg. with ASPC

Mikala is a HOF mare and has had no progeny with AMHR

Hope this helps Frannie and Walt

My best,


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