I've kept myself busy driving Mindy crazy today!

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Aug 31, 2003
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my updated website? I would like to thank Mindy ( http://ladybugminis.tripod.com ) of Ladybug Miniatures alias Chamomile for her patience with me, her caring in this really hard emotional time as I part with many of my mini kids. I love it and am so very grateful for this lady's time and great heart. Please if you have a sec, take a look. It loads really fast.


Let me know if you like it too!
Very nice

I personaly LOVE the palomino miniature theme

Very nice - I really like it (but I also liked the other too!)

I loved your foals page - what cuties! How about a guest book ? Did I miss it - I'd love to sign one especially since I got my wonderful Miss Kitty (Sweetwaters Secret Recipe) from you - I just love this girl! She is in foal to a wild sabino blue eyed stallion - can't wait to see!
Looks great! For some reason sometimes I have a problem with getting Tripod websites to come up but yours came up fine.
Thank you Deb! I am very happy to help any way that I can, even when I live sooooo very far away! I'm glad you all enjoy it! I enjoy working on it...
It's good Deb. Always love a stroll through your hollar.......some very pretty sights there.

Looks great
and as everyone else said- it looked great before too.

I wanted to come visit you last week when I was in Ithaca getting my son set

up at Cornell but I knew I wasn't going to have very much time and my husband was with me. Hope your back isn't causing you too much trouble.

Give Missy Moo a big kiss and hug from me

I love it Mindy, thank you a gazillion times.

Thanks to all who looked and commented too. Pretty big thing for this very tiny farm to have a website, especially now that I have so few. Looking at the site gives me hope and strength to try to get better and stronger so I can have at least these kids listed. I may not breed much in the future but I will always be around loving these wonderful minis. They make my life worth getting up for each day.

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