I've got the scammers hooked

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Jan 2, 2003
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I love this, finally I can get back at at least one of them!!. They're gonna send me a real check (sure) for more than my asking price and I;m to send the extra to their "shipper" LOL BTW, I didn't post the filly that they said they wanted to buy, they had to have gotten her off my web site. So, they are working a little harder for their scams. Here's todays letter.

Hi Virginia,

Thanks for your reply.My shipper will be taking care of the shipping on his

own.once he recieves payment,he would start processing shippment.He has been

doing this for the past 5 years and I am sure he can handle it.Yes before I

forget,could you email me with the name,address and phone number where

payment should be sent to ?


You're having fun with these jerks and I am all for that.

BUT...be careful! They're asking for more personal information as this goes along.
I would get a post office box and not give my phone number out. Couldn't they have gotten your phone number from you site anyways?


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