It's GOOD NEWS FRIDAY...........................

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Feb 3, 2004
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Sun is shinning and its suppose to be warm so this weekend is full of play with horses YEAH!
I agree! Great news!
It's definitely time for one of these threads to cheer everyone up! Great idea, Whitney.

So my good news is that Kody's continuing to heal and do well and is ready to be put back to cart as soon as it stops pouring rain here. Yaaaayy!!!

My other good news is I got my new show harness yesterday and it's beautiful. Yaaaayy!!

Who's next?

My good news, I wont be foaling out a mare tonight! The last 3 weekends have been spent foaling mares! My next mare is giving me a break to catch up! Yea!

I have a horse show tomorrow, someone is coming to look at horses Sunday, and I have MONDAY OFF!!! JUST BECAUSE!

I'm going to look at a house today that has some land and a barn! Something to call my own where I can keep my horses with me instead of paying to board them somewhere!!!!

And, I had 3 puppies leave yesterday for their new homes and one more leaving tomorrow! Only 6 left!!!!
Leia new harness! WHERE ARE THE PICTURES? I can hardly wait to see my favorite redhead hooked again.
My foals are doing well, the weather is great, H is going to help trim feet this weekend... we are all so lucky to have these little horses
whitney said:
Leia new harness! WHERE ARE THE PICTURES? I can hardly wait to see my favorite redhead hooked again.

Patience my dear, I only got home to open the box after dark last night, the weather has been crappy this morning and as of five minutes ago it is now pouring snow/sleet/hail on us!
Makes it a little hard to hitch up the pony. *sigh* Oh well. More good news- at least they aren't clipped yet! I'd feel so guilty if they were out there naked.

What a wonderful thread! Congratulations to everyone else with good news, and I DO have some good news too.

When our farrier neglected to answer my last three calls, I was in a panic, but early this week we located another farrier in the area willing to do minis, and he, his wife, and their daughter came out yesterday to start on the herd. I feel like I've not ony got a great new farrier, but some very nice new horsey friends. And I was really nervous about doing freelancing full-time, but I have more work than I can even do right now, which means great money and a schedule that allows me to be out at the farm any time I please (and ALL the time if I take my laptop with me).

On top of that, it's raining today. Which would normally make me a total grouch, but I know tomorrow the pastures are going to be greengreengreen! Yeah!
My good news for the day is that my vet just left and two little maiden mares I had checked were both ultrasounded in foal!
Redrock C No Disguise is in foal to Harts Tip Top Flash for 2009. Redrock Flashtacular, who will be heading to France in a few months, is in foal to Redrock Magic Maker for 2009!

Now if one of these other two mares I'm 'marestaring' would foal tonight, I'd be really happy.
Hi All!

It's very nice to read all the good news. What a good thread!

My good news is: It was EIGHTY DEGREES here today in the wilds of Vermont! Yeeeehaaaa! I went out (while I was supposed to be working
) and washed the front ends of my two beauties. They didn't even complain, they were so hot and sweaty. So, now I can take out the clippers this evening and see if there are really still horses under all that hair.

Supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow, too, so maybe a walk or a drive, even?

Hope everybody has a nice weekend!

My good news is that the semester is almost over and I will be on summer break after next week. I will be at work a lot but that means I can buy new mini halters!
My Good News! We hitched up Charger for the first time today, and he did really well. I was so proud of him. He got extra treats when we were done!
Great Thread and I'm happy to hear everyones good news!

My good news is it was almost 80 degrees today!!!!
And tomarrow is expected to be the same they were calling for rain but not til the evening!! I drove the horses today and everyone was acting and looking like they are all ready to go to the show in a few weeks!!
It is going to be a great weekend hope all of you enjoy your weekend as well!
My good news Friday is really good! Thie weekend I get my first car AND my new cart! And next week is supposed to be great weather so I'll get to do lots of driving (4 wheeled and two!)
this is fun! I'll be reading to see who's next with good news!

Ummm, someone was getting a new horse? but no information! That's cruel!

Oh my gosh how could I forget the best news ever :DOH! (well while I was typing I had to do something so forgot) Lets just say my new "toy" will be ready by this weekend a hotwalker!!
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