Its a filly!

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Aug 18, 2003
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Last night at 11:15pm Butterfly delivered a bouncing baby girl!! She was at 305 days gestation! Text book delivery and all went fine, so now we are 2 fillies & 2 colts with 2 more to go.

Both parents are pintos and she came out as solid as can be!! Sire is Palomino and Dam is dapple grey! But she'll have a flaxen mane and tail!!

Here she is Miss No Name....

Got any ideas on a name??? Let me know!!!

Oh ya thats my loving hubby in the first pic!




Southern Hearts Miss D Spots

Her mother looks like a silver dapple in the pics tho. The filly is a total cutie! Congrats on her Joyce!!

Rhapsody Rhodes

Appy Hollow Farm
She is so nice, Joyce!!!!

Glad you got another filly also!! :)

Susan o.
Congrats on your new bouncing baby girl!
Looks like a cutie!
Congrats! What a cutie... :) Love the name that Rhapsody came up with.

Ginny Long
Awww she's adorable...How about

Southern Hearts Spotless Perfection!

Ginny StP
She's so beautiful I'm about to cry (as usual)........God Bless that most wonderful baby forever and ever...
Congratulations Joyce & Bill on your brand new filly. She's very pretty and I know you will come up with the perfect name for her. Seeing she was born early maybe something like.......

Southern Hearts Early Bird

"CONGRATULATIONS!!" on your new little filly!!

She is adorable-hey, good looking husband, too!!

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