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Nov 27, 2009
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Cameron, NC
Sorry, had to do it!!

So many people have been asking about colors of their horses lately that I had to share a couple of pics.

All 8 our our "JR" mares are some form of silver dapple - 2 solid silver black, 5 silver black Tobi's & 1 silver bay Tobi. But they have different shading. OK, some of the JRs aren't really JRs anymore. They are older than 3 now...

Here's 8 in a row -


(last one in photo above is Classy, not Ami - have to go redo the text on that photo)...


The filly in front is homozygous black. No cream gene... so not a palomino or smoky silver black. THINK she might be homozygous for silver as some of my other homozygous silver gened mares turned a gold color sometimes... Usually in July/August time frame - so has something to do with shading/sun fade I think...


KoKo is heterozygous black, 1 silver gene, no cream gene - had a white mane/tail when a foal; Classy hasn't been tested yet but could be either hetero OR homozygous black & silver - tobi gene came from sire; Flashi is homozygous black and single silver & Tobi; Ami is heterozygous black, single silver, no frame (sire was black frame); Flower hasn't been tested - sired by homozygous black & Tobi, single silver gene out of bay arabX pony mare; Shamrock hasn't been tested yet but is going to be homozygous black - could be homozygous Tobi & silver... I have many pictures of all of these mares since foals (KoKo only since she was 4 months old - not from birth).

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Oct 7, 2012
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Tucson, AZ
I have a mini stallion that looks a lot like Ami, except his tail and mane is not as blond. He is a silver smoky black. Know he has a cream gent because he produced a buckskin on a bay mare. Haven't tested him, but pretty sure he is homozygous silver since every one of his fials have silver.