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Apr 1, 2005
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Houston Texas
Hey guys, I decided to give everyone just a taste of Her Destiny. Here is Chapter 1 :D Enjoy

Her Destiny

By Alyx McLuskie

Chapter 1

Becca walked into the stables with her backpack and guitar case in hand. She deeply inhaled the barn’s horsey aroma.

Ryan flipped through the auctions ads, trying to find the ad he had posted. He finally found the simplistic ad and silently prayed that he could find the perfect person to take the barn.

Becca grabbed an ad booklet and flipped through it. As she did, the auctioneer ran a test check on the microphone. All the fancy ads were ok but the plainest ad caught her eye. It read:



80 Acres

With Barns and Arenas

2 horses included

Find Ryan

She headed towards the bleachers without reading the rest. As she walked, the thought about her mothers favorite saying. “Nothing is free Becca! Nothing!” she would say in her painfully screechy voice. But, hey, it was because of her mom that she was stuck out in the street, wasn’t it? Becca had the strongest feeling that this was her destiny looking her right in the face.

Ryan looked up from the ads to see the horse that was being auctioned enter the ring. A plain, ugly and average bay. Why would he want that? He liked the strange and interesting looking horses. He let his eyes wander and then, BAM! They shot to a girl about his age looking about in utter confusion. He was about to walk up to the simplistically beautiful girl and instead saw that she was headed towards HIM! Him, average and ordinary Ryan.

“Are you Ryan?” Becca asked. It took him a minute to comprehend what she had just said but then all he could do was nod. “I’m interested in your ad. Is it still available?” she continued. Ryan, still unable to speak, nodded. He was awed by the fact that she looked even more beautiful up close. Her somber green eyes were like a shock to his heart. She sat down on the seat next to him and began to speak. “My name is Becca. I’ve been around horses since I was about 6. My mother used to own McB Ranch but now she is just a trainer there. Can I stop by the property during the lunch break?” Now that Ryan was able to speak, he said, “Sure, why not?” She nodded and when he put his head down to figure out which horse was coming out next, Becca seemed to fade away into the hustle and bustle around her…

While the auction continued, Becca looked for anything interesting in the stalls of the auction yard. So far she had only seen plain horses with ribs poking out, when, about halfway through, she saw the horse in the worst condition yet. You could easily see all of his bones and his skin moved up and down like it was an exhausting and nearly impossible effort to even breathe. He was a plain bay with a tiny star on his forehead. His eyes were very dull, one black and the other blue. Becca was drawn to this horse and, without thinking reached out to touch him. He quickly shied to the back of his stall, scared even by this tiny movement. “Shh. Its ok baby, Im not here to hurt you. Your fine, I can promise that much.” Becca told the scared horse. She gazed longingly at him as he sat staring at her from the back of his stall. She sighed heavily and took a look at his info outside of his stall. It read that her “he” was actually a she! Her name was McB’s Shining Star. Becca gasped when she read this. It was Star from her mom’s old farm! She had raised this horse when the filly’s mother had died from a Strangles infection she had caught at her previous owners stables. The filly had been one of the few Quarter Horses on the mainly Thoroughbred farm. Becca had trained her when she was young and was the only one that Star really trusted. The two shared a special bond. Becca looked up from the paper and opened her eyes to the present. Tears were beginning to flow from her eyes as the memories began to catch up with her. She gently whispered, “Star? Is it you girl? Is it really you?” But, the mare’s ears only swiveled forward a bit. She didn’t seem to trust her memory and seemed to be only thinking about the whips and the horrible pain. “Its ok, its me girl. Im here now.” Becca said. “Im going to get you out and when I do, we’ll run free like before. You’ll see!” Becca said, choking on her tears.

Becca went up to the auctioneer and asked the questions that she had for him. He told her that numbers 620-700 would be going on at 1 pm. She heaved out a frustrated sigh and headed to the bleachers for the long wait.

Ryan looked around, not interested in the current horse being auctioned. He was more interested in trying to find Becca. He was just about to get up when her tired but determined face came into view. The huge trucker guy sitting in front of him had just gotten up and Becca was sitting in front of him! Talk about good luck, Ryan thought to him self. He stood up and walked up to Becca. “Sorry about earlier. Do you want to go grab some early lunch and take a quick look at the property? I’ll drive,” He said a bit hesitantly, but then he flashed a great grin at her. She smiled back and then said, “Sorry but I can’t. There’s a horse I wanted to buy today and I need to wait for her to be auctioned.” “Oh really? What number?” Ryan asked. Becca paused and then answered, “Number 668. My Mom and I used to own her.” “Well, they’re only on lot number 503 so I can make sure that you have plenty of time.” She pondered this comment for a moment and then nodded, grinning. She stood up as Ryan headed down the bleacher steps, attempting to avoid an awkward, silent moment with Becca. He still paused at the bottom of the steps to hold out his arm to Becca. She took it, blushing at the formal gesture. She thought Darn this stupid ease to blush! I hate it! But, when Ryan flashed another brilliantly handsome grin to her, Becca went weak in the knees. Little did she know, Ryan liked her just about as much as she liked him. The pair headed towards Ryan’s truck, leaving everyone behind thinking that the two were already a couple.

When they reached the truck, Ryan opened the truck door for Becca, who blushed yet again.

Ryan and Becca talked all the way to lunch. They ate at some fast food chain and still kept on talking, this time around a mouthful of food. The pair talked all the way to the barn, which was a thirty-minute drive itself. Ryan gave Becca his own life story. “I was kicked out of my house by my father when he was in one of his nasty drunken rages. I had gone to a friend’s house the night before where we shaved my hair into a long mohawk. Then we died it pitch black with pink and red spots all over. When I got home, dear old dad was drunk and immediately began yelling at me. He was so upset that he kicked me out of the house before I could even make it to my room. The next morning, while dad was feeding the horses, I snuck into my room through a window and packed my necessities into an old backpack. ” Ryan paused for a moment and then gulped. “About a year and a half later, a friend found me and told that the old geezer had finally kicked the bucket. But, it turned out that he had left me the entire farm. Dear old dad knew he was sick and no one else knew how to run things so his only option was me. He sold all of the horses except Trik, Stik, Daise, Chell, Ferguson, Hulkster, Joker, and Gerg. I sold all of them except Trik and Stik because I grew up with them. The three of us were an award winning stunt team until I hit my teens. Then they retired but I still love them. I’m looking for someone to take the farm because I’m a Marine and in two weeks we are shipping out to Iraq. ” Ryan finished. “So, what’s your story?” Becca gulped before she began. “My Mom and I got in a big fight about whether we should put down one of our favorite mares. She was in pain from her arthritis and we had recently found out she had a small cancerous tumor in her neck muscle. Mom didn’t want to put her down so she could get more foals. I could tell she was in pain and I argued that we should put her down. It got so out of hand that she kicked me out of the house after school one day. She gave me the parting gift of a black eye. I hurried out because she is capable of a lot.” Both Ryan and Becca were silent with sympathy for each other as they pulled up to a set of wrought iron gates. Behind the gates lay a huge two-story house. Next to the house, there was a handsome, small cottage. She could see two large identical red barns. Towards the back there were 8 rolling pastures. She was totally awed. Ryan reached over Becca and pressed a button on the visor. The gates slowly opened and they drove forward, into their destiny…


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Dec 12, 2004
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I like it!

I want more.

Ok, just a few corrections I saw.

“Its ok, its me girl. Im here now.”

“Im going to get you out

8 rolling pastures.
Any number ten and lower should be spelled out. Eight.

She thought Darn this stupid ease to blush! I hate it
thought, Darn this

we died it pitch black

That is just what I found...It could have easily been typos though.

I can't wait too see how these character develop.
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