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Feb 19, 2004
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China, Texas

I am mostly a lurker, I have been reading the forum for quite some time. I see that some of my posts do not get much response, so I figure it is because you may not know of me. This is very informative place.

I have been breeding minis since well, 8 years now. I have buckeroo bloodlines, sligo little stormy, Oh Cisco, Darmonds, , Flying A, LK farm, and now a grand Roan Ranger son. I also have quite a bit of Falabella, and just love the minis. I am with them every day. I feel that for me, I should only produce a few foals a year, so they can be really well socialized before they leave.

I have sold many foals to special needs kids, and we make local visits to nursing homes, Vacation Bible school,and also we have just been invited to a childrens village here for needy kids.

My minis are my passion, along with my daughter. She spends the whole day out there with me working with me. She is only 5, and began being for live births at 4. She adores them.

So, I just wanted to introduce myself, a true Texan, and loving mini life. We do local shows, and I have had one stallion shown AMHR.

Have a great day.

Well HOWDY Alicia!
Nice to meet you.
Love the pic of the blue-eyed horse & would love to see more of your Minis!
Welcome , and howdy. I love that pic of your horse. What a cutie. Looking forward to seeing more of you posts. I too lurk a lot. Sometimes I crawl out from under my rock long enough to make a fool of myself .LOL
Nobody seems to mind though. I have learned so much from the good people here and hope to continue to learn more. Welcome from N.C. maryann
Welcome! It sounds like you do a lot of great things with your minis. Please continue to share with us as you get pictures of your horses and all those special kids out there.
I may not always have time to post, but I sure read!

welcome alicia,

i am only new but it is lovely to hear about your horses - love the horse in the photo - looks lovely
Welcome Alicia. Sounds like you have a great time with your horses and daughter.
Welcome Alicia from beautiful East Tennnessee. I love that you and your daughter have such a great time together with your minis.
Hello from the bluegrass state of Kentucky............... Don't feel bad , I am one of the original posters left from many many moons ago & some of my posts don't get the responses that I had hoped for either.
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Welcome Alicia from Joyce at Little Folks Farm in CT. Glad to hear about your minis and your daughter. Hope your career as a lurker has ended and you will be posting more often. I have 12 miniatures, 3 of which are stallions, 1 gelding and the rest are mares. Have recently learned to drive, now I must get one of my minis driving. Your little girl is sure going to grow up loving minis!!

Hi Alicia...I am in Michigan, I have 2 minis, both geldings, I do not show or breed. My minis are very loved (and very fat) lawn ornaments. I would love to see pics of your nursing home visits, etc...those are my favorite types of pics. I would like to get into doing something like that someday. My minis are only 2 1/2, I will be starting to drive the one this's a first for me, so look for my posts, they will be the ones with all the stupid questions on driving.
Welcome from VA! SOrry we seem to have missed your posts. We dont do it on purpose.


Thanks for posting where you are from, that is so great. I guess I never thought of all the different places that we are located. That is so cool. This forum has been so helpful to me, it is such a world of knowledge, literally.

thanks for the cheery welcomes, and to more lurkers, and newbies, " Welcome" From all our family and critters!!

I will post more pictures and questions, and continue to lurk!!!

thanks everyone!!
Welcome! We lurked for a long time too. Have only been members of the forum for a few months and don't post very often. Sometimes don't get to read very often either. We love our seven little minis and we're both true Texans and located in Powderly, just north of Paris, Texas. Look forward to reading your posts in the future.

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