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Jul 13, 2008
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Hello, my name is Katrina and I would like to introduce you all to a recently rescued miniature mare named Marshmellow. She was rescued July 11. 2008. I was told about this site by a wonderful woman named Heidi. (She is also involved in this crazy story!)

Gina called around 11 and asked if I could go pick up a horse that had been signed over to the rescue. Of course, I said yes. Little was I to know that the little mare was to change my life.

I called my friend Bill and asked if he would like to go with me. He agreed and met me at my home. From there we went to Gina’s home. We took her truck and trailer and off to Bonita we went. We got lost, because I had no idea were I was going! But we eventually found out where we were to go. We arrived at the property. He was standing so I could not see her body. She looked at me like “Are you here to get me?!” She was a beautiful Cremello Miniature mare. Through my teary eyes, I would say that she was a body score of 2. (She later turned out to be a 1). The man had no papers on her. No halter, just a rope around her neck to lead her. She loaded into the trailer and stood there. She did get a handful of hay to kinda settle her in. The man talked mostly to Bill. He didn’t want to talk to me. But he did tell me that they had just taken a colt off of her about a week ago. He then informed me that the colt was around 7 months old. He told Bill that he had wormed her. He was very defensive with his words.

We quickly hit the road to take her to her new ‘home’. We stopped at a gas station to put diesel in her truck, and Bill noticed her eye. It was oozing a white/yellow creamy mess. I held back more tears. We drove home, and would stop every-so-often to check on her.

We arrived at Gina’s. Opened the door and Gina began to bawl. We asked if she could be saved. Suzanne told us “Yes! She can be saved.”

She was loaded into Suzanne’s trailer. Gina gave 2 bags of feed, a bag of treats, two bales of hay, a container of fly spray, and a refill of fly spray for the little mare.

We said our Good Byes, and wished her a safe trip home.


Her when she arrived.


Her hips.


The eye that is going to need to be removed.

I will add more of Marshmellows's story (as it has continued to grow!)
[SIZE=12pt]Awww that is just so sad.

BUT at least she's in your care now, & I'm sure she'll blossom.

I'll definently be looking for updates on her.
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I will definatally keep updates on here. Right now, I am writing the 2nd part of her story (which is quite long! lol) and it will be posted later. We are trying to get her colt. And possibly the stud as I do not know if it is still on the property. But we are trying to press charges against this man. He wanted to make money off of her. He was trying to sell her colt and the stud and then whoever bought them he was going to 'give' the mare to them. Ugh! The more I learn about this story, the more fustrated I get.
Thank you all for taking this poor little mare in and giving her the help she SO DESPERATELY NEEDS!

It just brings tears to my eyes to see pictures of Marshmellow. I just don't understand how people can let them get this bad.

I also hope she was the last horse there.

Thank you, to all of you involved in giving this mare a second chance at a GOOD LIFE!
Oh my gosh! You have a long, long road ahead of you! Bless you for taking in one of God's babies, He must deem she needs to stay here with us!

Please keep this story going and add pics often so we can all see what wonderful progress you make!

Again Bless You!
Good on you. Looking forward to reading the next part of her story! Hope she is thriving.
OMG, I can't believe people can be so cruel and unfeeling as that man. Tears just started flowing reading her story and then the pictures...unbelieveble. She looks to be such a sweet trusting little thing. I hope everything goes well for her healthwise from now on. She's in good hands now. Thnaks to everyone involved that got her safely out of that place. I just pray this man has no more and if he does they get away from him as soon as possible.

Please keep us updated on her road to recovery.
What is wrong with people????? The words escape me. Other then I would like to take that man and starve his sorry a#*!!!!!!!!!
Oh that poor mare! I hope you are able to get the others as well.

will you be setting up some form of rescue fund for them? I know how expensive it gets.
Where is Marshmello located? I noticed the link has a fl in it. I am in Florida and have been looking for a mini in need to add to my little family of 3. Creamellos are my favorite and I would love to adopt her. I do not breed and my 3 minis are VERY laid back so I think she would do great with just one eye. And from looking at my 3, I have a talent for making them fat, not thin.
Please let me know. I look foward to seeing updates on her. Thank you so much for saving her!!!!!!!!!!!!
StellaLenoir - She is now located in Moore Haven, Fl @ the Equine Eden Rescue.

The website is

uwharrie - Yes, we are going to be allowed by a couple of local bussiness to set up a 'donation jar' to collect donations for her. Also, donation info is listed on the website. (She is working on getting her non-profit status set up, but until then cannot take cash/money donations.
Maybe it's my age, or my strokes, or having lost Shammy but I can't stop my tears..I can't fathom people letting this happen! Wish I could get ahold of that man!

God Bless you all 1000 times for helping her, this dear mare, and pray God she makes it. What about her foal? Did it fare any better? Does anyone know where it is?

Can someone keep in touch with me so Carl and I could perhaps just visit her when we get to Florida this Winter? I'd gladly bring a bag of feed, new halter something along to help her.

We'll be in Florida from right after Christmas to end of April.

Carl and Maxine
MInx - I will def keep in touch with you. I am hopefully going to see her soon. (If you do get to go visit her don't be surprised if she hands you a maunre fork! lol)

Right now I am looking into getting her a custom halter with her name! Marshmellow is the first horse I have been involved in rescuing, and with today's market, I doubt she will be the last.
God bless you ALL. That poor poor girl..........
I do NOT understand how people in any good concience could allow an animal of any kind to get to that point. Why they would not give it away or euthanize it if they couldn't properly care for it... ???

I don't know ANY person that shouldn't know what a healthy animal should look like... in what movies, books, pictures, etc. do you see a horses' bones sticking out!

That is soooo sad, no animal should have to be living in that condition. Thank you for stepping up to see that her life changes for the better. I hope she slowly but surely improves, animals will always be thankful to you for that.

Welcome to the forum, I Love Marshmellow! What a cryin' shame is has to be under such circumstances!

That man wouldn't have wanted to talk to me, either. Quite frankly, I wouldn't have trusted myself to talk to him, there's no telling what I might have said, but it wouldn't have been very ladylike!

I assume that, since you are associated with a rescue, you know how careful you must be when feeding a starved horse (Gads! How can that poor girl even walk? How can that man sleep at night?). Some people on this forum have experience with that sort of thing, I'm sure the knowledge is available, if needed.

As much as it hurts to look at those pictures, I'm glad you posted them. It will be easier to see her progress, knowing where she's been. Marshmellow will get a lot of love here. Keep us posted, and thank you for caring!
Bunnylady - She is no-longer under my care. She is at the rescue (which is nearly 70 miles from where I live and over 100 miles from where we got her!). She made over a 3 hour trip to the rescue. The lady that owns/operates the rescue is also a Certified Animal Officer and works with the humane society. But I am keeping in touch (atleast once a week) to check on her progress (which will the be posted here!)

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