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Connie Ballard

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Nov 30, 2002
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Tim & I just purchased this rare 100% ARENOSA...AMHR/ASPC silver dapple colt from Buckeye WCF. Thank you to Getitia & Les Mathney for allowing us to share in the excitement of carrying on the Arenosa breeding.

We named him Major Impact because he surely has the potential to be just that...he's such an elegant moving horse to be so young....just 2 mo in this picture. Majors sire is the incredible Kewpies Paposa of Arenosa...bright sorrel stallion that is TRIPLE registered, AMHA/AMHR/ASPC Foundation....measuring 34" tall. Majors dam is Kewpies Armanda of Arenosa...a striking silver dapple pinto. The colt is futurity nominated in AMHR & ASPC. We expect him to mature about 36"-37" tall...he's about 25" tall right now.

I love his big eye, dished head...incredibly sleek well set-on upright...deep hocks...already showing how he can get under himself and free up that front end...ahhh....the beginning of a great driving horse!

OK...OK...I'm excited....
What can I except...he's so cool................
I wanted to show him off...and dont even have him yet...wont be weaned till September!
He is really nice.

Of course, I love his name--- Major...
Now that name sure fits the fella! Congratulations! The wait must be SO difficult.
He's gorgeous! and what breeding, wow! Congratulations!

He is a VERY nice colt, that's for sure! CONGRATS, I can share your excitement!

What are your future plans for him?

How exciting! He looks like he was born to drive. He's going to be one handsome man!!! Congrats!
We plan to show him halter...have fun with him...then when old enough...train him to drive...then show him halter & driving...cant wait!!! Thats the hardest part about buying a weanling...if ya like to a LONG wait!!! Here is his sire & dam...took these at Getitias last week when we visited. They have so many beautiful horses...felt like a kid in a candy I really like what I see in the Arenosa...have one in training right now and she's delightful...gorgeous moving and so bright.

This is Majors sire Kewpies Paposa of Arenosa..


and a candid pic of his dam...Kewpies Armanda of Arenosa

You got yourself one beautiful colt! Congrats!

He is beautiful! I know how you feel when you are surrounded by those beautiful refined Arenosas, when we went to Sundance LB to pick out our foals, it was overwhelming. My two friends each bought 100% Arenosas, one bought a colt and the other bought a colt and filly. I of course, picked my beautiful little Gaia, she is 3/8 Arenosa.

We can't pick ours up until October, so we have even a longer wait! We are on the phone with each other several times a week lamenting that we can HARDLY WAIT!!!

Congratulations on a gorgeous boy. :D
Been watching for your announcement on the forum..... Is Tim still blaming Lee for getting you hooked? Doesn't matter now anyway does it? I bet Tim is in love with this fella & can't wait to drive him also. You may have to get him his own someday..... Anyway Lee & I like your new boy. Love the name also. Look forward to seeing you in the show ring with him.
He is so pretty and is going to be a feather in your cap in no time. You will have so much fun just learning how cool they can be...he will keep you on your toes..but when you look out and see that trot and attitude it is all worth it! I know we have talked about this and I sure am hooked....can't wait till you get him home...Ps...Glad Tim is blaming Lee for
Very pretty!


Liz M.
Your excitement is contageous....I can just feel it! And I know, Connie, that the wheels are just a turnin' in your brain...thinking about training that boy to drive, even tho its a few years down the road.

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