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Dec 24, 2002
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I was just thinking.....scary I know BUT

For those of you that have set a booth for shows, what kind of information is available? Do we have pamphlets or anything made up? There are several "horse" things in our area that might allow for some sort of table. I was also thinking about having some stuff on CMHR at my stalls during the shows I go to . Granted, in the Land of Entrapment, there are really only 2 mini shows in a year. Our mini club does play at the Pinto shows every month though so that might be an option as well.

I am going to talk to the lady I work with that does horse rescue work and try and encourage her to join us as well.
HI There minimule!
Sounds like a great idea. I'm going to set a booth up at a few fairs this year (and take 2 minis along again) and I plan on doing some promotional work for CMHR too, right along with a donations jar, I'm also going to wear a CMHR t-shirt, and take a cookbook along if anyone is interested in ordering one, I will have order blanks too. I was wondering about the brochures too, if CMHR has some made up or do owe do our own?? Corinne
Yes we do have things for you! We have printed brochures and various other online documents that you can print from you computer to hand out. I will mail you the brochures. Send me an email to [email protected] and ill get the files to you


Kay, did you get my email with my address so we can get CMHR stuff set up at our Easter show?


What about bringing a cute little mini along (maybe dressed up in a cute seasonal outfit) and have a polaroid camera and people can make a min. (say $5) donation and get a picture of them or their kids with the mini?? We once did something similar for a fundraising booth at school and GUESS who made the most money!!! we got a few $10 and $20 donations from some people and had a constant crowd around the booth.

Most adults can't resist stopping to pet them and NOT ONE child let their parent/guardian walk past without stopping. THEN of course, they begged for a photo AND begged their parents to donate. Much more effective than an adult working the booth asking for the money....let the mini "ask"
FOR weeks I've been meaning to get on the ball and send in my membership info and I will get going on it. I would be more than willing to do this stuff in MN.
One more thing.......the cost of the photos was $1 each so the rest was profit. I think we made about $300 in just a couple of hours.

If this can be done with an "all growed up" mini, imagine what a sweet little mare with her brand new little baby could rake in for their less fortunate mini friends.
WOW, I LOVE the idea. How about the rest of you? Anyone willing to participate or supply/loan the poloroid Camera? Kay, maybe at the IL Fair seeing as you can't show them. You've got some real cute minis...

Sanny, can't wait till you join, we'll really put you to work...great Idea!!!!


I've got an old SX70 that still works if we can still get film and a Polaroid 600 that I know you can still get film for. I can fix up a mailing box that one of those could be passed around on one side of the country and one on the other! Have to check on the film for the SX70 though - it is pretty old. The film carries the battery for the flash so that is not a problem - the 600 has to have a flash so it would be only for where there is enough light as I don't have a flash attachment for it. I can always take my digital, laptop and pinter and print out the pictures for around here or send them home with the computer savy ones on a CD and they could put them on their computers as backgrounds, etc. - another selling point.
With todays technology, if you had a digital camera and a portable printer you could do it that way. I've seen some printers designed just for printing 4x6 pictures. I think your idea is cool and would definitly work. Now all I have to do is get some more volunteers to help with it

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