I'm soooo nervous

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May 26, 2004
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It's been a very long time since I've shown horses. Back in the 80's I showed quarter horses and paints, but I rode. I'm going to a local fun show and I don't know how "professional" to look.

I have a black blazer with pink piping, black pants and the only shirt I have is a sleevless "english" shirt with no collar.

Here are a few questions I had.

-Do you still wear a tie? What would go with this shirt?

-Do I use hoof black on striped hoofs? Or clear?

-Hat/no hat? I have a black stetson and a nice straw.


Gosh, I'm so nervous but excited too. I even have a costume for that class.

Any Mainers or New Hamshire people going to the Highveiw show at the Acton Fair grounds this Sunday?

Thanks ahead of time for any help you can offer!

Lee --

I'm sure others can give you much better answers to your questions than I can but my advice is don't be nervous and just have fun! I have to get up and speak in front of large groups frequently and it used to make me nervous but now I love it and same for showing the horses. I love everyone watching me and watching my horse (a natural ham!). One reality truth that went a long way to helping me overcome being nervous is that even if you do really screw something up, many people will not realize you didn't mean to do it / say it that way and the ones that do will NOT be thinking about it later. You'd be the only one playing it back in your mind if you choose to
Other people won't spend that night reflecting on your mistake

Good luck and have FUN,

Thanks Jill, I'm not really worried if Snip acts up. She's only 2 and we all know how 2 year olds are
I just don't want to look dated or foolish. I used to love showing and always learned from it. Once the horse I was riding took the wrong lead transitioning from the walk to lope, so I brought him back down to the walk (during the class) and we did it properly. I won the class, the judge like that we corrected ourselves without fuss.


With your attitude, I think you will have fun and do very well!!!!

I've never shown under saddle, just ride for fun (and not for years, but I do have 2 big lazy fat horses), but what you did in the show ring sounds like the right thing to me!
By any chance do you subscribe to Equus magazine or know someone who does? This month's issue had an article on "Show Jitters" and some tips on how to overcome them - very good article!!!

Best wishes on your show - you'll do great!!!
Well, you know that I will be here in NJ rooting you and Snip on!!! Have a great time!!! Please give Snip a great big hug for me!


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Lee; I live in NH and show at nationals, if you are close enough come on down and we can help you out. (Grooming and turnout, etc.) Good luck and have fun! Give me an e-mail to let me know. Linda Best
Sounds like fun! We live in New Hampshire, here. I wish you the best of luck. No shows for me this weekend, its my birthday weekend that Im spending with my father. And then the following weekend I have 4-H States for three days, so I am devoting my time to getting Chantilly back into shape, and doing some extra training.

To answer your questions...

-Do you still wear a tie? What would go with this shirt? You do not have to wear a tie

-Do I use hoof black on striped hoofs? Or clear? Clear looks better with striped hooves

-Hat/no hat? I have a black stetson and a nice straw. You only have to wear a hat in Showmanship, and I would use the black stetson.

-Gloves? Same as in Showmanship. I preffer to wear the gloves, however, because it gives me a better handle on the lead/driving reins.
Hi Lee
We have a few Mini's going to Highview. From the sounds of it, there will be tons of Mini's there

-Do you still wear a tie? What would go with this shirt? You don't need to wear a tie. Being nice and neat looking is the key.

-Do I use hoof black on striped hoofs? Or clear? If the legs are dark, I'd blacken the feet. If she has light colored legs, use clear. Your safe bet would be clear if you aren't sure. -Hat/no hat? I have a black stetson and a nice straw. Up to you on a hat for Halter. There are a few people who do wear hats, but the majority don't.

-Gloves? Not a requirement, but I think it looks a whole lot neater with gloves. I always wear gloves in all my halter classes.

Good luck and see you Sunday

Where is the show and what are the times? I might be able to get there this Sunday just to watch and cheer you on!!

Wow! Looks like you and Snip will have your own personal cheering section.
I really wish that I could be there.
I will be thinking about you all day Sunday. Don't forget to take tons of pictures!!!


Roxy's Run Miniatures
its fun, & the people are all nice!

at my frist show my stud, midnight, was soo bad i didn't have time to worris bout myself- just that i had my boots on the right feet & my shirt was not backwards!!

lol, you'll be so bussy w/ your minis you won't have time to worrie!! JUST HAVE FUN!! if you are then your horse will & you will do great!!

good luck!!

Dont be nervous! It will be so much fun! I wish I had a mini that looked good enough to show, or at least I wish someone would let me show their mini for them. I've always wanted to do it.

I show bigger horses though, riding. I love it.

Trust me, once its over, you'll be thinking "what was I nervous for?!! I wanna do that again!"

Let us know how it went, and good luck!
Thank you all so much.

I'm so excited!!! I don't want to give away my costume, but......................

We're going Hawaiin......And I'm not wearing the skirt

I'm going with the girl next door, she has the cutest yearling stud. He looks like the statue on the black stallion movie. My hubby asks me tonite "aren't you worried you'll lose to them?" I told him no, I'll do my best and have fun.

One more question, my filly has 3 striped hooves and one white one (white pastern). Do I go all black or 3 black/1 white?

Linda, I'll email you a bunch of pics. Would you mind posting them for me? I still can't figure that out.

Good morning!
Of course, I will post the pictures for you.
Oh, I'm so excited.
Have a great time!!!!


Roxy's Run Miniatures
Thanks Linda, we should have alot of pics for you!

Tracy, it's at the Acton Fair grounds rt. 109. I don't know what time it starts, the lady didn't tell me (got to call her) I hope you come!

Jenn, oh boy. Now I know I won't place with the minis you and your Mom have. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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