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Oct 19, 2003
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Well, I have been trying to a couple of years to get over to see my sister in Saudi Arabia. I had a few qualms after 9/11, so sort of put it off a bit, but they have not had any issues there, so I have my tickets IN MY HAND, and cannot believe I am finally going 8/16!!!!! My daughter, the other half of the farm, will hold down the fort while I am gone.

I am so excited to go- and have family there I have not met yet! She married a Saudi almost 30 years ago and has only been back over here about 5 times during that time frame. It is pretty expensive.

Am just wrapping up loose ends with my visa and passport and then I should be set to go!

They have connections with a royal stable, so will be able to take a 'tour' and see REAL Arabian horses in a REAL Arabian stable! And oh, the shopping for jewelry! Will also get to see the University in Taif where my sister is head of the English department and teaches there.

Yes, in respect for customs there, I will be covered from the moment I leave the airplane in Jeddah. (in public, what we do at home is different) Also, I do not want to attract any 'negative attention' to their family as I am sure many do not know she is a blonde American under all the clothing!

I am so excited and this should be a trip of a lifetime! I just cannot stand to fly (anyone have any suggestions there?) and have no idea how I will live through that ordeal.

Wow! what an experience for you. The thought scares me to death, but I am guessing you will see and learn many new and exciting things. make sure you share with us when you return. As for the plane flight, I have no idea, but I am guessing you are looking at 12 hours in the air. Best wishes and stay safe.
The actual air time is 18 hours but with the two stops and layovers between flights, it is a total of about 33 hours to get there, and then 2 1/2 hours by car to get to their place!!

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