I was flamed by a breeder

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Oct 2, 2004
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I am so hurt
I was looking at some girls closer to home here (since the ones I wanted 1000 miles away shipping is gonna kill me) Well I talked to the lady and we really hit it off she liked that her girls would have a "forever" home here etc... then she said there was 1 other person who had called first...that's fine ...in the meantime I saw another ad same state -talked to the lady and I was honest and said I was looking at these other 2 also - (Here comes the fun part) - turns out she wanted them too and emailed the lady#1 and flamed my butt
Lucky for me lady #1 and I spoke but still why would someone do this? This is why I tend not to trust women - most of my best friends are men they just don't do crap like that. Part of me wants to email her but I won't (because I am too nice) but I will say that if ANYONE ever asks I will tell them to stay away... May be I should bite the bullet (and bank account LOL) and get the girls I can't afford right now. Arggg - this is suppose to be fun.

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