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Feb 17, 2008
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Taylor, Tx

I will start out by saying there is nothing I want more than a healthy foal. That said, I am 5 for 5 on having colts. Would it be to much to ask for atleast one filly? With the horses I purchased bred and the ones I bred we have had 3 different Dads and all colts.

I have lost two foals already this year and this new colt was born today when I was at work by a maiden mare. I am very thankful nothing went wrong. He is the smallest baby we have had here and I am still a little nervous since he is not as spunky as my other colts. He is eating great and Mommy is wonderful, so with a little time everything should be great. So introducing my new man............

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Awwww, congratulations, he is a cutie
I just want a foal! My mare is cooking hers extra long!

Congrats on your cute guy! Hey colts make awesome geldings!!!!
And I'm a gelding woman. I'm hoping for the colt fairy so that I can have an awesome gelding later on!
congrates hes a cute one, i understand the filly fairy, i bred my QH mare 6 years ago and hoped for a girl the hole time "it be her first and only foal" i got a colt, i love him to death tho hes the best stallion in the world other then chief and willy the minis... on the other hand are spotted saddle horse has had 4 foals, all 4 filly's, we have 3 of the 4 one was a set of twins and peppers twin just wouldn't take its first breath.
congrats x five.

We have had 2 for 2 so far two more to go.

I would like to let you know your colts are handsome fellows.
I just want a foal! My mare is cooking hers extra long!
I hear ya; I just want my mare to foal, be it colt or filly and I don't care if its green with purple polka-dots. I just want a nice healthy foal on the ground. [i lost last year's only foal, so really looking forward to healthy foals this year. I bred two mares to my stallion and looking at the other two mares the other day, I think we had one unplanned trist sometime during the summer.
After reading about all the loses, having a live one sounds great, no matter the sex or color.

You will probably have all fillies next year!
Congrats on your colt
BTW, if you find the filly fairy..send her my way as I have our first foal due any time now!
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