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Dec 1, 2002
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Our last foal of the year was rejected by her maiden dam. We have fed her with a bottle for about 2-2-1/2 months. She is now on Equine Jr. She has had loose poop since she was a newborn. She will be 3 months old in a couple days. She has been on antibiotics for a bacterial infection, no help. The vet thought that maybe she was allergic to milk based products so we took her off of the foalac pellets. She was taken off the pasture and had just hay & Equine Jr. Only a few times in her life has she had good poop and that was only 1 day at time. We get all excited about good poop and it don't last long.

Please, I need help! has anyone had this or have any suggestions!

Some kids are very sensitive to the alfalfa that is in the Equine Jr.

My Halley was and I had to switch her off of it.

The Equine Adult has no alfalfa, the Complete Advantage has no alfalfa, the Strategy which is what Purina recommends for miniature sucklings is perfect and has no alfalfa either.

Just a thought. Hope you figure it out. Do give her plenty of probios and have you had a stool sample checked?
Yes, we've had her stool sample checked (she was at the Vet's and blew it at him). She's also been wormed.

Have you tried lots of Pepto bismal or other anti diarrea medicine. Has always worked for us along with Probios and making sure they are dewormed. Mary
Hello...my 2 1/2 month old filly also had running poop and our vet said it was probably cause by her mom going into heat, but since yours was rejected it definately wasn't that. But she told us to a about 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt to her grain. We did that for about 2 days and she was just fine. Needless to say we now keep plain yogurt in the fridge. I hope you get her straightened around soon.
We've tried the yogurt, she's had countless bottles of pepto and many doses of probios. We've even tried cutting her feeding down to 1/2 at a time, we thought maybe her little stomach just couldn't handle it. NOTHING seems to work. This morning when I checked her she had about 4-5 piles of good poop. I thought, MAYBE we've finally got her straightened out. By this evening, it's loose again.

We just don't know what to do. We've got to get her straighted out.

I have a yearling that scours. Its worming is up todate and it does not have cocidiouse (stools are fine).

I had to take it off rich pasture/hay and put in on a plain hay (i use millet) plus pellets formulated for weanlings.

The major thing is to be given priobotic powder morning & night with every feed after about 2-3 weeks it starts to work - dont stop the treatment keep her on it. (my boy has been on it for the last 6 months)

works a treat!
I would sure try some Bio Sponge. It is, hands down, the best thing I've found for diarrhea esp in young horses. I got it the first time through a vet, but have since ordered it online from platinumperformance.com It comes in a loose powder or - much easier to give foals - in a paste. Ask your vet, they are probably familiar with it. I've used it along with probiotics and a simplified diet on a couple of youngsters, with success.

Some kids are very sensitive to the alfalfa that is in the Equine Jr.

My Halley was and I had to switch her off of it.

The Equine Adult has no alfalfa, the Complete Advantage has no alfalfa, the Strategy which is what Purina recommends for miniature sucklings is perfect and has no alfalfa either.

I'll say it again, alfalfa? Have you tried to stop feeding her the Jr?
Thanks for all of your replies. Our little May was on one of the Omolenes (the one for babies). We thought that maybe it was too rich for her, so we switched her over to the Equine Jr. I'm going to start switching her to the Strategy today, a little at a time. Keep your suggestions coming!

We had two foals this year with diarrrhea off & on for a month or more. Tried the pepto, & the Bio Sponge which usually helped in the past. Put them on Imodium AD & it finally went away. Coincidence I don't know but I am glad it IS gone............. If you do a search on the forum you will find where we were discussing this a few weeks ago also. Best of luck to you.
We had a foal that way for a month. Tried everything, all tests showed nothing.

Put him on Childrens Immodium (sp) and had normal poo the morning of the 3rd day.

He was on 10cc's, once in morning, once in late afternoon. Stopped the immodium as soon as we saw normal poo.

good luck
We had a lot of trouble with our yearling colt, Sterling, when he was a baby. Lots of diarrhea. After having the vet out a couple of times, I called her the last time because Sterling was weak and shivering. She said go to Wal-Mart and get their brand of Metamucil - Equate Natural Fiber Laxative. I thought to myself, no way. She said to give it to him 3 times a day for 2 days, then twice a day for 2 and then once a day for a couple. It worked - by the 2nd day. He really had the squirts too. I think it saved his life.

Good luck.

Hi Gang

We are fighting with two foals with Diarrhea. One has had it for 2 months. The second just started it. The third, a filly is great.

We have been to the Vets, ran test and test.. Nothing. Changed feeds, we did Omelene 200, then Stratgy, then Horsemans Edge, and now we are on Safe Choice. Changing each slowly. Trying to find the problems. The last thing we have tried, and just did it. I had put Salt Block in each stall. Learned this week from a another farm that they had one to do it last year. The foal obessed on the salt block. Then turned to the water bucket. They took out the salt block and few days later their's cleared. So I am now trying it.

I removed them. I did notice that the foals were licking the heck out of them and drinking a lot of water. They can't not even see a salt block. Well, the filly is still same, the colt is improving. So I am watching. I sure pray this is it.

But how do you tell Dad, after spending $700.00 on Vet bills that its a $1.00 something salt block.. Humm..

I just want this mess to go a way. I think we will try the ""Put him on Childrens Immodium (sp) and had normal poo the morning of the 3rd day.

He was on 10cc's, once in morning, once in late afternoon"" from the other post.

We have tried everything else. From Pepto to Kaopeptate, to Antibiotic's. Did ulcer med's in case it was that. This is frustrating. So tomorrow I will get some Childrens Immodiun and try it, if they are not over this.

But if you have a salt block in with them, you might check that to. I hope if its not the salt block then the Immodium will work.

[SIZE=14pt]We had a colt this year that had loose stool from day one! We tried everything and nothing worked! Finally one our vet said to wean him from MOm and put him on a 13% pelleted feed and grass hay! After 3 days from Mom he had normal poops! The vet said the dry pelleted feed would straighten him right out, and it did! He's been normal for over a month now!

My colt had diarrhea for almost 6 weeks. I tried everything. I finally put him on psyllium - 1 tbsp a day and in a few days he was normal. Kept him on it for a couple of weeks and he's been fine. Not sure if he had sand or the psyllium absorbed water.

Had a mare who had it for a year! Finally tried Metrenidazole (sp) and she was fine in a week and never had it again.

Liz V.
Hi gang

Okay, we have the two babies with it. I went out tonight and bought the Immodium AD, I could not find it in Childrens Immodium. My question is

with it being the regular Immodium how much to still give?? I gave have the

dosage tonight, with not knowing. I gave her 5 cc. The colt is better tonight so

will look at him at in the AM and decide on him. The filly is a month old, she is

all of 15 inches, she is the baby in my Avatar. She is really tiny. So how much

do I give?

Next problem with her and Dam.. is the Dam's bags are hard and giving very little milk. I have been doing the warm water rub downs, and giving banamine.

Does she have this Mastitis (sp)? What do I do with her, to get bags soft and giving milk. We really need the milk. In the mean time of trying to get milk, I am

giving her bottles of milk -- foal lac. She is not really thrilled with this. But we get it down. Tonight I gave her a bottle, then put a bucket out with milk in it. She has

played in it. So hoping she will learn to drink from it. I will make sure it stays fresh. Is the mare drying up? Help please. Its to early to wean her. I will do bottles if needed, if so how often to do this? HELP HELP.. Please

I know this is another farm's post, but I to need help.. I hope you don't mind sharing the post.

If so I can post on a new one.


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