I know where the filly fairy was this morning.............

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Apr 1, 2006
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She was in Kentucky at about 5:00am. Our mare had a textbook delivery this morning. I guess,since she decided to foal when no one was watching!!!! I got up to go to work, looked at the monitor and there was the baby (already standing up). She nursed, pooped, got a warm blanket on, mom got fed and then I went to work. About killed me all day wanting to be home to see the baby. Haven't named her yet.

What color do you think she is??? This morning I said silver bay. Then this afternoon after she is good and dry I'm not sure. Bay, Dun??? She does have a dorsal stripe.

I hope I get the pictures on here. This is the first time I have tried to do pictures. These were taken this morning when she was just about an hour old. Hope to get better pictures after she unfolds.





The two spots on her rump in the second picture is wet from mom licking her, not markings on her.
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How cute!!! I love those easy births (easy for me to say)
Buckskin is what first came to mind. I don't see silver bay at all. She might have dun in her too, but I understand you can have a dorsal stripe and not be dun. If she has no other characteristics it's just a dorsal stripe. (I love dorsal stripes, btw)

I have a mare on camera that looks very much like mom's coloring. Isn't mom a buckskin?
Pretty filly and she is definitely a dun
Whatever color she is she's a beauty
Very cute, be sure to send that filly fairy my way in the next few days!!!!!

Sure looks buckskin or dunskin to me! And what a face! WOW!

Congratulations on a real beauty.
Beautiful! Bay Dun....doesn't look like she's a dunskin to me. My dunskins have looked pretty much just buckskin with a dorsal...this girl definitely looks just bay dun. Congrats!
For those who asked dad is a silver bay and mom is registered as a grulla. Mom looks more like a buckskin color to me. But she had a grulla foal last year.

Everyone is doing GREAT!!!

Thanks everyone for looking and for the nice comments. We are kind of proud of her. She is our first ever born here.
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Congratulations on a beautiful girl! With that dark face mama definitely has the dun gene going on and so does baby from the look of things. I don't see silver on the baby.


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