I get to Name my Rogers HSR colt.

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All I have is:

Destiny's Russian Roulette

Destiny Inna Russian Roulette

Buckeroo's Russian Roulette Destiny

To me he looks like my mare "Azariahs Absolut Galadriel" She has been tested Silver Smokey Black.... she tested homozygous black... so she is a black horse that carries and expresses the silver and creme gene.

She is the same color as her father "RHA Rangers Absolut" out of a Bay Mare.

She is a mouse grey at times, when clipped looks like a silver dapple (she gets LOTS of dapples) and her mane is quite silver/white.

I didn't know what color to register her...I sent the DNA results for the color testing to both registries proving she was a silver smokey black. AMHR registered her Silver Smokey Black, AMHA registered her gray or silver... I forget.

look at my website, mares page:


those are photos of her as a weanling....yearling photos are on my sales page, can't seem to get the photos from photo bucket to load... but I am not sure if I am allowed to refer to a sales page on here :eek:

.....having trouble getting the photo to post on here... sorry.
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I would test him for creme, red, silver, and agouti --creme and silver for sure

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