I get to Name my Rogers HSR colt.

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May 22, 2007
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Sharpsburg MD
His sire is Alvadars Double Destiny and his dam is Little Kings Russian Raven. I'm looking for a strong name, something with Destiny or Buckeroo in it maybe. This boy is bred on Buckeroo 4 times in his pedigree, Grandsire twice and Great Grandsire twice. He has great movement and is a firey little guy at about 29-30". They say he is chocolate, would that be chocolate palomino? I will have him tested soon. Thanks for your help.....

Photos by LKF
Thank you Suzanne (Rogers HSR) and LKF (Robin) for all your help with my new additions.
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What a beautiful boy! Congrats!!!

He looks like he definitely has silver and cream. Not a chocolate palomino...i never really understood that term. How can a horse be chocolate (would indicate black gene to me) and be palomino too (only red)?

I bet he's a silver smokey black--I guess I can't really say that with confidence. but just by looking at his pictures, that's what'd I go with.
Russian Destiny.......... Double Russian

He looks dark silver dapple to me... nice boy, congrats.
What a nice guy! Did you get him at Oktoberfest? The only name I can think of is Agent of Destiny.
Thanks folks, I will test him soon to see what color he might be but do thank you for your expert input. I wasn't to sure on the color either. I can see what you are saying about the silver smokey cream. His dam is registered black and his sire of course is buckskin. I bought him privately a few weeks before the sale. I picked him up at the sale hoping there would be another to bring home, lol but ended up not purchasing at the sale.

Please keep the names coming, thanks so much.
From Russia with Love

He is certainly Silver, and I am pretty sure it is being inhibited by Cream.

Sire is a Silver Buckskin, btw
I like these huumm Destined to Be a Buckeroo! I like that.

So DD is a silver buckskin? He has a black mane and tail in all his pics, good info thanks Rabbitsfizz!
A big ole Congratulations going out to you, Mary

I think he is a silver something but not sure what.

Okay, are you allowed to use your farm name? If so how about Maxi's Date With Destiny or Maxi's Meet Your Destiny, or Maxi's Destined To Be Great,
[SIZE=10pt]A beautiful guy! I love the name suggestions: Russian Destiny.[/SIZE]

Or how about:

  • Russian Gold - for his beautiful color
Russian Taiga (taiga is a land region characterized by coniferous forests. Covering most of inland Alaska, Canada, and Russia (especially Siberia)

Russian General

Noble Destiny

Russian Red Admiral
Russian Double?

Russian Destiny
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I have a DD son he is a palomino but carries silver.. I know this without testing he was bred to a black and white and we ended up with a silver dapple filly
So now I see where he got to! I had been looking forward to seeing this boy in person, bad bad Maxi's Minis! LOL Congrats on a good looking boy.
He looks just like a mare I have here and she is a silver dapple, the same color as his body. Her sire is a buckskin but I can't remember her dam's color.

For names:

Rushing to Destiny

Black Russian (I know he isn't black)

Buckeroo Czar

Destined to be a Czar
They might have meant silver chocolate. Looks it to me.

He's really super nice too!
Great naming suggestions, got some good ideas.

Now you all got me going over his color. What should I test him for?

AND thank you for the compliments on my new little boy.

What you doin up at 3:42 Marty, lol.

To funny Mel, yeah I got him, ha.
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Destined To Buck

Destined To Be King

Russian 2 My Destiny

Buck 4 Destiny (Buckeroo 4 times)
How about:

Destiny In Motion

Destiny Found Me

Destiny Seeker

Destiny's Embrace

Destiny's Design

Destiny By Design

Destiny's Impression

Destiny's Russian Risk

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