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Nov 21, 2006
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This is a mare we produced here. She is out of a jet black tobiano mare and by a LTD's Magic Man son, who is a bay frame sabino.

She has been tested and is n/T (heterozygous Tobiano), SB1 negative, and is homozygous for black. She started out as minimal white (socks and stockings, wide blaze, and a few spots).

Progressively each year she has added more white to her coat in the summer and then is darker in the winter when she gets her new coat.

There is NO GREY in her background. Neither parent is roan.


Any help you can offer would be appreciated. I am stumped!

She certainly does appear to be going gray. Can you run her test again? I know there is not test for gray and only one test for Sabino. But if from LTD perhaps it is a form of Sabino gene? I have several Sabino mares and some that go back to LTD horses, but their color does not change, that is from darker to lighter at any time of year. They basically look the same throughout the year.

I have seen appaloosas that change color drastically from winter/summer and appear very roan?

She is a very pretty mare no matter what her color!

The roaning form of sabino (for which there is now no test for) is a possibility.

Grey is not an option as neither parent is a grey.
I have read somewhere (maybe lewella?) that the sabino test does not test for all forms of sabino (and not very accurate?) yet so I would still vote for sabino causing the roaning etc.
I would have to say it is strong sabino roaning.

I have a colt born this year that was born red dun with a wide blaze, socks and a few small irregular white markings. He was clipped out at about 3 months, and is already so roaned he looks almost white!!! I remember Lisa (Ruffntuff) often referring to a pink colored horse she once owned, and this is what he looks like now with all his roaning! He is definately sabino! He and his sister both looked like foals that will grey out, as they had those grey hairs above their eyes right from borth, and they roaned a lot. They each come from sabino mares with the mares being mother/daughter.

This is the colt, "Ziggy". He also developed speckled(similar to appy mottling) skin on his eye rims, under hos tail, his "privates" and in some places on his skin under his coat. He is shown here at 1 day old and again at 3 month old.



This is Ziggy's dam "Firedancer". She is also the granddam to the filly "Missy" below.


This is the filly, "Missy". She is not as roany, but is definately sabino roan and not "typical" roan, as even her head/points are heavily roaned. She is shown here at birth and then again at 3 months.



This is her dam "Colors", who is the daughter of "Firedancer" above.

Since neither parent has the graying gene, and neither parent is a roan........it sort of narrows down things.

I vote for sabino roaning, just by what you have given us for pedigree colors.
Thanks for all your insights. I guess what surprised me was how old she was still to be changing colors like that !

I am still learning so much about this sabino gene and its many forms. It is almost like the appaloosa gene in how it changes over the years....
I'd vote that it's gotta be sabino. We have a sorrel sabino mare (Pippin) who started out solid and now each summer shows more sabino roaning in her coat. Her winter coat darkens back up to solid sorrel. Even her face shows more white sabino roaning each summer. We have another mare (Bambi) who is a black tovero who is also a sabino. Her coat in winter also hides her sabino roaning, but then sheds out with more white than the year before. I love the sabino surprises!
Sabino roaning.. she matches a big horse Paint mare I knew for years.. "Jaycee" would match your mare perfectly in full size.. (I watched her grow & change).. if in doubt.. is she PQ'd?!
This is getting me kind of excited about one of my mares. She was born solid black although I did find some white hairs in her mane pretty early on. She has been adding a few white hairs in her flank area each year. I am pretty sure it is sabino in her case too since her dam is tobiano/splash/sabino. It would be nifty if she adds more roaning each year.
Yes Michele, All the foals born here are parentage qualified as are all the adults when possible (only a few very old horses are not as one or more of their parents wre not).

I agree that the sabino gene(s) are some of the most exciting genes around!

Here is a tobiano sabino colt from this year. The sabino added the pizzazz to his pattern.


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