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Little guy all dry and a couple days old. Still figuring out those legs. I’ve got his registered name figured out I think. Still working on a barn name. May not know roan status until he sheds, but he’s definitely buckskin.


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Thought y’all might like this. Recording of Bess foaling. It was a bit spooky her rolling and laying on her back. That’s always a concerning sign and after I gave her a bit I decided to make sure the foal was positioned right. He had one leg caught behind his head. Once I got that corrected, he popped right out. Note, I am NOT pulling him. Just holding while she pushes.
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It has always amazed me how once it's time it's TIME and that baby is coming out in a hurry. Really interesting how she laid on her back to strain. Great video!
It has always amazed me how once it's time it's TIME and that baby is coming out in a hurry. Really interesting how she laid on her back to strain. Great video!

when they go on their back like that it is often a sign of dystocia. Not always but frequently. With the fact she did have a minor dystocia, it would make sense. Trying to reposition the baby.
Girls are trudging along here. Getting bigger and bigger. Can feel those babies kicking which is pretty awesome after all that Rythem went through and not even knowing Belle was in foal till a short while ago! Rythem is now 242 and Belle is 267 so about a month from her going under camera. They’ll be on Marewatchers again. But figured now was a good time to update and also to let y’all know of some exciting news with Marewatchers! We made a discord sever. This allows each camera owner to have a page for updates and then several chat channels. But the most exciting part is that it is set up to send alerts when people notice a mare foaling! Hopefully this will make it easier for watchers to catch foalings. If you are interested in joining (it’s free) send me a pm and I’ll send you an invite!


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Thank you for sharing! Belle and Rythem look calm and relaxed, hoping you feel the same!

Your technology sounds like wonderful support for pregnant mare owners. No clue what a ‘discord server’ is but I can appreciate the outcome! 😂
Updated pics of Encore…definitely buckskin roan tobiano. So will be a cool looking boy I think!

Also including pics of Legend from last year (Izzy X Dice). He’s grown up a lot and has shown at two shows. Lots of blues and even a grand so far! Excuse the oversized halter on him, obviously a yearling halter is too big for his tiny head lol.


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Belle is now 303 days. Rythem is 278. Not much exciting yet but won’t be too much longer till we start getting some changes with Belle!


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