How Many Minis Are There?

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Nov 30, 2002
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Another thread brought to the top of my mind something I have wondered about for awhile.

Does anyone know how many minis are registered with AMHA and how many (both divisions) are registered with AMHR?

I'm wondering how the number of minis registered compares to some other well known breeds, such as quarter horses, morgans, arabians, etc.

Also, it would be "neat" to know how rapidily the registered numbers are increasing. I think being a mini owner, it maybe gives me the perspective that more horse people have minis, or are getting into minis, than may be true.

I know there are also many unregistered miniature size horses, but I guess there's not anyway to add those numbers to an official count.
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Just bumping this up because its a question I would be interested in knowing the answer to also. If we took the Mennonite horses out of the equation in this part of the countries I would guess that there are probably almost as many minis around as other horses. It seems every place we go we see minis in yards and pastures all over the countryside.
Here's a link to a Texas study of the Texas horse industry from 1998 (it'll give an idea).

Hopefully, the link will work.

Here are a few highlights (it's a PDF file and it won't let me copy/paste):

Texas is home to over 1 million horses, about 15% of the nations total.

Texas leads the nation in the number of registered

* American Quarter Horses

* American Paint Horses

* Appaloose Horses

* American Miniature Horses

288,839 Texas horse owners with an average of 3.7 horses each.

I've seen these kind of surveys in various horse magazines, but I'm not having much luck on-line.

If I find more, I'll post again.

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