How many have mini donks and horses?

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MeadowRidge Farm

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Dec 9, 2002
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OK, all you mini donkey owners-we now have our own forum to talk on. So I was just wondering how many of you that own mini horses also have mini donkeys? We have 3 jennys, 1 jack and 1 hinny. Aso, where are you all from? We're from Wisconsin.

Yippee!!! Our own donkey forum!

We are from Wisconsin too.

We have one jack and two jennies (just sold three
). We also have one Mammoth gelding and a large standard gelding. Hoping to adopt a BLM burro too one day! We also just sold a mammoth jennet.

We have one mini stallion and three mares too.

Love the long ears tho! So gentle and comical.
I am in the prosses of aquiring a mini donkey!! or Two!!

I am excited about this new fourm!!

This is going to be great

Corrine, you and I have talked before but......

I have 12 mini horses, 2 mini mules, and 1 mini Jack. I also have a huge QH that is our farm mascot.

I have friends that recently got a trailer load of mini donkeys. They went to Nebraska and came home with 10 mini donkeys. They kept 4, another friend took 2 geldings, another friend took a jenny and jennet, and then anothe friend took 2 more geldings. One of the jennys my friends got was for me but I just don't have space for her.
She is also very pregnant. My friend told me "If she has the baby before I can make room for her.....she isn't leaving their place"

They are really good people and take exceptional care of all their animals. They will be trying to breed for a hinney. Their little mini stallion is in love with Long Ears. He doesn't care how big they are, just as long as they have the ears.

I'm gonna tell them all about this new forum. They should like it too.
Hmmmm, try this again.

Yes, I have mini horses and a mini donkey. I have 12 mini horses, 2 mini mules, and 1 mini Jack. I also have 1 huge QH but he is the farm mascot.

I raise true miniature mules. A lot of people have been breeding "pony mules" for a while but I've chosen to stay with mares under 36". I would prefer even under 34" but I have found a couple of really nice mares just over that so......

Several of my friends just got into mini donkeys. A couple went to Nebraska and brought 10 minis home. They kept 4, 2 geldings went to a friend, 2 more another friend, and a prego jenny with last years jennet went to another. Everybody is so excited about them. One of the 4 my friends kept was for me. She is a pregnant jenny. We though maybe if we got an experienced jenny for my Jack, he might learn to breed jennys.

Unfortunatley, I just don't have the room for her right now. Then I'll be gone for 7 weeks and really don't want to bring another prego here for my non-horsey hubby to watch. The bad news is, if she has the baby before I can bring her here, my friend has all ready told me, "she won't be leaving their place". They love their animals dearly and take exceptional care of them.
I don't have any donkeys. I think I'm going to start looking for one this year though!
I tried to post this once, trying again (Can you hear me now?)

I don't have any donkeys yet, but I'm hoping that I can do a little shopping this summer!
At present I don't have a mini donk I traded him to get an Arabian mare hauled from Iowa for me..But I sold the mare a few months later, and got back into the mini's~! I now have one miniature yearling colt, which by the way I got from one of our LB members QtrRae..

But I really miss my "Charley".. On the other post he is in the house when I took that picture..So this spring I am going to call Valley View Miniatures in Pittsville, WI. that is where I got Charley and see if they have another "Long Eared" that I can "housebreak" again~! Charley would also jump into my car and ride in the back seat~! You should have seen the looks I got while pullin up to the"window" at McDonalds~! He also loked to eat fries..
I dont own one but I would love to get a mini donk some day.

I am from Ontario Canada.

At the moment I don't own a donk..I traded my Charley to get an Arabian mare hauled from Iowa..Then after a few months I sold her, and now I am back into mini's~! I have a yearling colt that I got by the way from one of our LB members~ QtrRaes..I really miss my "Long eared" Charley so this spring I am going to get another Donkey..I am going to call "Valley View Miniatures" in Pittsville, WI. and see if they have another nice donk like I got from them before..On my other post it is Charley that is in the house with me~! He was also trained to ride in the back seat of my I want to get another one and do that same type of training so I can get him also "housebroke"

You should see the looks I would get when pulling up to the "window" at McDonalds with Charley laying his head on my shoulder while picking up my food, and his~! He liked the french fries..
I had Charley for 4 years and kept him a stud as I was hoping to breed my mini mares with him but I ended up selling both of my females mini's so I never did use him, I think having mini mules would have been so neat to raise..
Now I can't wait till spring so I can get another donkey and then Smoke will also have a friend to play with
Hi minifancier, yeah, I bet you do get some looks! We have a few that ride in the back of our truck and like to poke there heads thru the window that comes into the cab. We actually had a family follow us for about 30 miles along hi-way 141, and finally when we turned off so did they, they motioned for us to pull over which we did--he asked what TYPE of animal we had with us-told him, and then we were asked to show up for a birthday party for his daughter in Green Bay. What a day that was--! When we put our 2 Great Danes in the back someone thought we had BEARS! GO FIGURE.......I'm looking at a few more donks right now too. Would like to build my tiny herd up to about 10. We have 28 minis. So nice to meet you and right here in Wisconsin!!!!!
I have 2 jennys. One is a gray, the other is a very dark brown/chocolate spotted. They are just pets, although the spotted was bred when I bought her. Very much love there temperments. I am so glad that I vetoed the hubby and got my donkeys anyway
I got them last winter.

We are in Michigan
I want a mini donkey so bad
My neighbor had some big donkeys and I just loved them!
I just have one mini jenny. I bought her for my husband, as he likes to hear a donkey 'talk'. But, she has never really has found her 'voice', she just has a squeaky sounding hee-haw. My husband named her Donna Key. She is spotted, but mostly white. Some of her spots are gray and some of them are black. I think she is about 32" tall, but I've never measured her. I have 30 mini, and the jenny stays out with them. She has been pastured with all of my stallions, but so far, no little hinnies.

I do have one other donkey, but he's not a mini. I bought a donkey gelding as a guard animal when we got a forty acre pasture that had some wooded areas. I was a little afraid about turning minis out in a field so big that I couldn't see them all the time. I bought him at a livestock sale, and he was supposed to be two. But, I think now that he was only a baby. I've had him for over a year and a half, and he still only has one set of permanent teeth. He has also grown a LOT. He was slightly bigger than than an 'average' donkey when I got him, but now he is pretty big. I would guess getting close to 14 hands tall. He is certainly big enough to be a guard animal to run off coyotes and stray dogs, but he is afraid of the minis, and lets them boss him around. My husband named him Don Key....
We are in the prosses of getting two donks!!!!

I can't wait!! It is going to be soo nice to have a place to talk about them!!!


I've got a mini donk Jack yearlin. He is as cute as a button. He recently developed something on his face. At first it kind of looiked like pimples but they dried and then he lost a lot of his furry face. He looks real srtange but still cute. I'm going to geld him in a month or so. Are they all so sweet.

I got him to put with my Dwarfs, hopefully he'll be protection for them as he gets older. Right now, he's kinda low on the totum pole.


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